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The concept of learning a new language is pretty amazing. However, as interesting as the process to learn a new language can be, it can also be pretty challenging. There are times when learners have a hard time learning new words and mastering the accents. As a result, they end up giving up on the process in between. To help the learners pursue their interests a lot of business owners reach top Mobile App Development Companies to get their app developed. To develop a good language learning app, it should be integrated with unique features. Read this blog to know about some features that help in the development of a brilliant and efficient app. Let’s get started!

How to make a creative language learning app?

1. By implementing modular architecture
The work on the app is not finished once the app is ready to launch. To ensure that the app remains popular among the users, it needs to be continuously expanded and a new set of technologies needs to be implemented. All of this requires a large budget and hence modular app is suggested by professionals.

2. Hiring brilliant teachers
Having good teachers is a core feature of good language learning apps. So while hiring teachers for the app, one can make sure that the teacher is a native speaker as he/she will make far fewer errors while teaching.

3. Concentrating on the Design of the app
Having a unique app design is beneficial for the app owners because it helps in attracting new customers. With a good user interface and an attractive design, app owners can stay one step ahead in the competition against their rivals.

Things to Keep in Mind While Developing a Language Learning App

To learn a new language, the learner needs to master 4 skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Therefore, while developing a language learning app, the development team needs to implement the following points:

1. Vocabulary Acquisition
While learning a new language, getting to know new words and phrases is important for the users. Many top companies language learning app companies provide this feature. Hence, while developing a language learning mobile app the development team must implement the following feature as it helps the users in learning different languages easily.

2. Gamification
Generally, users get bored with outdated lectures and exercises. By integrating innovative and easy games the users will not only learn new languages with ease but also be continuously engaged with the app.

3. Encouragement
During language learning, there will be times when the learner will make errors as he/she tries to learn a new language. So, it is important to have some fun features when developers are making app so that the users don’t give up on making mistakes.

4. Pronunciation check
While developing an app, some special features must be integrated such as speech recognition technology and pronunciation checking which helps the users improve their pronunciation.

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Team required for Language Learning Mobile App Development
To stay ahead in the competition and provide efficient output, one should make sure to hire the right kind of people to work for the app. These people are:

  • Project Manager
  • Graphic Designers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Backend Developers
  • Android/iOS developers
  • QA Testers

Advantages of language learning apps:

1. Can be learned anywhere
There are currently many people who live their day-to-day lives immersed in hectic schedules and any spare time can be good to take advantage of and learn. Generally, people are not free at the same time every day and the inflexibility of conventional classes can be inconvenient. With language learning apps the users can learn new languages anyplace and anytime with their smartphones.

2. Saves time and money
Many conventional language schools have not changed to meet the needs of modern society. They are frozen in the past, with rigid schedules, obsolete classes, and books. Also, they cost a lot of money which many cannot afford. Language learning mobile apps contains the latest courses with highly experienced tutors which are beneficial for the users. In addition to this, it also costs less than conventional classes.

3. Learning becomes easy
The main purpose of language learning mobile apps is to enable students to learn a new language as soon as possible. Knowing vocabulary, new phrases, and grammar, etc. helps the users to speak new languages in a short time. It is difficult of course, to obtain some fluency but basic speaking skills can be learned in weeks or even days.

Important Features of Language Learning App
To create an app that instantly attracts users and fetch awesome reviews and ratings in the app store, the business owner needs to keep the following features in-app:

1. In-app Reading Assistant
This feature contains a reading assistant which reads words aloud for the users. It helps the users to learn new words and improve their pronunciation. It contains a translation feature that translates the other language to the user’s native language.

2. Free trial period
With a free trial period, the users can get access to all the features of the app for no cost for a certain period. After that, the users may have to pay a certain amount to access the special features of the app.

3. Quality lessons
The feature that everyone seeks in a language learning app is good lessons. If there are no quality lessons, the users may not be able to understand the course and therefore give up. Quality lessons not only interest the users but also help them learn easily and efficiently.

4. Live Lectures
With this feature, users can interact with their teachers through video calls. Due to this, the trust between the users and their teachers is increased. At the same time, the learning process becomes interesting and fascinating.

5. Student Community
This feature provides a platform in which the students can discuss various topics and exchange opinions on different matters to develop their skills.

Learning a new language is very challenging and due to this a lot of people leave the process in between. If business owners want their customers to learn a language, then a language learning app will be a brilliant idea. The best thing to do is to hire an experienced Mobile App Development Company.
At Phontinent Technologies, we provide the best Mobile App Development Services to our clients based in UK, USA, and India. We provide on-time delivery of projects at an affordable cost.

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