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Hire top-notch remote Flutter developers for your project and get high-quality work done quickly and affordably. Scale your Flutter development staff with top offshore programmers.

Hire Flutter Application Developer

Flutter is an open-source SDK based on Dart. Flutter allows cross-platform mobile app development. It saves development time by managing one code base.

Phontinent's Flutter programmers are reliable for Android and iOS projects. Your creative app ideas will be developed by our developers to create desired audience experiences. Phontinent's Flutter developers average five years of experience delivering and managing projects of all sizes from various industries.

In recent years, Flutter development demand has grown steadily. Many firms struggle to hire top Flutter developers. Because competent and qualified developers are scarce. This makes recruiting and onboarding top Flutter programmers arduous, expensive, and time-consuming.

How can skilled developers be recruited quickly without sacrificing quality?

Answer: Phontinent. This popular website enables companies and individuals employ Flutter developers in India and elsewhere. Phontinent, trusted by major companies across industries, hires developers after verifying their skills in key platforms, coding languages, SDKs, APIs, Firebase database, etc.

Businesses can now hire remote Flutter programmers for iOS and Android app projects quickly and cheaply.

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Offshore Flutter Programmers for Almost Every Industry

Travel & Tourism

Hire competent flutter programmers for tourism and travel app development. Recruit the proper people and communicate expectations to maximize our developers' skills.

Banking, finance

Mobile banking, transactions, stock trading, cryptocurrency, etc. apps are becoming standard. Phontinent provides talented developers for your app development idea.


Today, patients use healthcare mobile apps to book appointments, schedule, check availability, and more. Phontinent is ideal for hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals seeking specialized Flutter developers.


Create a compelling, user-friendly, and profitable media and entertainment app. Our developers have built music, video, OTT, and other apps.


Phontinent's offshore Flutter developers have food delivery app experience. You can hire the shortlisted developers after we provide you their profiles and portfolios.


Since everyone shops online, eCommerce is a big trend. Our Flutter developers can handle eCommerce projects. You'll get a user-friendly software with vital features.

Technical Expertise of Our Dedicated Flutter Developers

Familiarity With Latest Frameworks

Flutter developers must understand unit tests and frameworks. Unit tests and testing frameworks should be their forte. Our programmers are familiar with the latest frameworks and how they work.

Version Control Systems

Git and SVN abilities are essential for building applications efficiently and securely. These systems follow the development lifecycle well.

The CI Environment

Continuous integration (CI) validates app development plans. It also promotes development transparency. Professional Flutter developers understand CI environments.

Database Systems Knowledge

Another vital ability of a Flutter developer is database expertise. Because all app data is there. Phontinent developers know most databases, including MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others.

Clean Coding

Flutter developers must comprehend the value of clean code and be able to write many sorts of code. It's essential for creating smooth Android and iOS apps.

The Agile Method

Agile development approaches enable rapid evaluations and feedback, improving project quality. Being a successful Flutter developer requires agile development skills.

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Why Hire Flutter Developers from Phontinent?

  • Hire dedicated Flutter developers on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis.
  • Shortlist developers based on their resumes and work from a team of 250+.
  • Phontinent developers are affordable, starting at $15/hour.
  • Our developers use agile technique for reliable development.
  •  Phontinent's Flutter developers excel in using current tools and technologies.
  • Extensive experience in project development across several industries.

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