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During the last 4+ years, we got a chance to work with a portion of the main brands and constructed some bewildering applications. Directly from helping some Fortune-500 organizations fortify their online nearness to certain new businesses make their ground, our work talks about the quality, duty and devotion we put

Below are some of the projects we feel proud to participate in.

SugarMD - A app for Diabetic Patients

Health App Solution

Launched in 2022 in the US, SugarMD facilitates you to keep a full record of your blood glucose data and daily activities, taking full control of your health status. Customer can order diabetic supplement through this app and they can also book an appointment through the app. A complete patinet record will be monitor by the experts as well as customer will be notified each day activities and the other data which they entered into the app. This app also sync with apple health app and google fit app which will help patient to monitor their daily activities.

Delivery Lads

Delivery App Solution

Launched in 2020 in the UK, Delivery Lads facilitates you to hire a professional delivery executive to get goods picked up from a vendor and then deliver it to your preferred location. Along with professional service and quick deliveries, this app also offers you with easy payment methods, real-time location tracking, etc. While using this app you can also get the details of the estimated price of the booking, choose a type of vehicle in which you want the order to be picked up, view the bookings history, and get real-time notifications of the booking.


Money Exchange App Solution

Your time is precious, and we totally get it. With dzexchange.co.uk, sending money is simple, quick and hassle-free.All you have to do is login and send the money. No time to login? You can still send money through us.

Zingy On Demand Car Wash

Car Wash App Solution

YOUR CAR, A REFLECTION OF YOU ON DEMAND CAR CARE THAT COMES TO YOU. Schedule your service using the website, or our iPhone/ Android app. We come to you with power, water & all we need to have your vehicle looking Zingy. Digitally, track rate, and pay for each service!

Klientele On Demand Salon App

On Demand Salon Booking

Klientele is an online platform for hair stylists connecting stylists and customers. Klientele is a great tool to book B2C services provided by individual service providers. The app allows customers to find different hair styling services and search for the right artists, book appointment, schedule appointment and make payment directly through the app. Stylists/Vendor/Salons can expand their business/work by selecting their services, setting their prices, receiving appointment, provide their services and earn money.!

DacWash App

Car Wash App Solution

DacWash App focuses on convenient and eco-friendly car wash experience. With their wide range of waterless products, they operate everywhere without water. They use 100% ecological products due to that washing can be done in public area wherever and whenever you want. Their professional washers are punctual, precision and give full attention to every detail. You can choose the type of wash: external wash, internal wash, complete wash, and sanitation.

Whizzz Swift Delivery With Care

Delivery App Solution

Whizzz is a mobile delivery App that picks up your goods from a vendor and is delivered to your doorstep. This App offers you real-time Google map tracking, easy payment methods as well as easy cancellation process. In addition to all these, it also provides easy contact and a dedicated admin to help you out. They deliver whatever you need wherever you are.


Car Wash App Solution

Carnawash is what the name suggests, which means getting your cars washed by expert car washers, wherever and whenever you want. This is a car wash app that provides the most convenient, price disrupting and eco-friendly car wash experience. You can book a car wash on-demand or in advance with a few clicks. Some other distinguishing features of this app are that you can view and track the status of all your bookings along with the type of car, and also get a price estimation. You can also view the booking history and get all the details of the bookings made.


On-demand Packers and Movers App

With innovation in technology and to ease the relocation services, the Trucksey app not only helps you in packaging and moving your belongings, but it also takes care that none of your things get damaged. Our user-friendly app is developed with compelling features that will transform your packers and movers experience. You can use this app to book other different services like Office Shifting, Vehicle Shifting, or International Shipping.


Fantasy App Solution

Spartan11 is interactive and feature-rich fantasy sports app development. This app gives you the ability to play every ongoing cricket match virtually by creating a team of skilled players. The other important characteristic of this app is that it is reliable, unique as well as legal. You can also play all matches along with the live scores and avail of the advantage of playing different matches from all around the world like the International, Domestic ODIS, T20s, and other Premier Leagues.

Schach Kitchen

Product Gallery Solution

The Schach kitchen is one of London’s leading kitchen suppliers. They provide a wide range of high-end furniture for bedrooms, kitchens, offices with unique and personalized services at the very best prices. The contractors of this service work from the initial concept through their expert CAD design and site survey, keeping in mind your budget and specific needs. The most important feature of this website development is that it is user friendly and also allows you to go through the work done with great detailing and craftsmanship.


Healthcare Services App

Dwived app is a pioneer in the field of healthcare industry, as this app is established as a great milestone by serving various services like nursing, providing best physiotherapy for a relieving experience, doctor services at your door step, collects your samples and provides the report online and many more services. This makes the app stand apart from others as this is the only healthcare app that gives multiple services on a single platform with great ease. The easy to understand interface helps any type of patient or client to understand the app functioning easily and get it done quickly. It is a multi-function app to serve a large audience base with efficient healthcare services.


Event App Solution

One of the fastest-growing premier entertainment agencies in the UAE, comprising a collective of international DJs, musicians, creative directors, choreographers, dancers, artists and entertainment professionals. Whether you need affordable entertainment for a private party or function; a stunning opening for a large scale launch; corporate development; hotel residencies; fashion/catwalk shows; or commercial photoshoots, we offer a full spectrum of entertainment with an extensive range of performers and artists for all events and occasions.


Fishing App Solution

Simply snap a fish photo get all the details. Snapify App is powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence. This application is based on the latest innovations in deep learning and image classification technology to quickly and accurately identify fish and all details from major to minute information. Snapify APP's accuracy constantly improves as new fish images are added to the database.


Dairy Management App Solution

DMS is the latest in a field management system that makes your dairy problem vanish by its trendsetting technical simplicity. DMS is designed where a dairy can be registered to manage the Members, Milk Collection, Sales of Cattle Feed and Accounts of Members. Any member or customer can register and start supplying their dairy products on this platform. this platform also helps in supplying the products to their customers in an efficient way.


Laundry App Solution

M-Wash is the best in service laundry service app that delivers laundered clothes at your doorstep. You don't need to worry about your dirty clothes any more.
How does Laundry App work?
Place Order - Customer submits a request and calendars a time for pickup.
Pickup - Inside some timeframe after the request is put, a pickup group carries the garments with them to the laundry.
Laundry - After the request has been prepared, an expert staff washes dries and irons the garments.
Out To Deliver - At the point when the garments are prepared, they are conveyed back to the client at a delegated time..

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