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The objective of Phontinent Technologies is to deliver the technologically modern solutions so that your business can grow in the long term. We are branded as the best JavaScript development company because of our developers, and we always try to work better by improving our potential. Realizing their full potential, our MEAN Stack developers put forward more innovative ideas but specific to your company.

MEAN that incorporates ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS and MongoDB is employed to make market-leading applications for different industries and domains. You can enhance your app development process by using MEAN Stack Development, which provides comprehensive front-end and back- end development. This fast-growing open source development framework helps your tech partners to provide you with websites and applications that are loved by many because of the variety of tools.

Our novel development approaches significantly reduce the time for designing products, enabling you to use the extra time on marketing and putting your product out there before your competitors do. The framework offers innovative solutions that will help you deal with common business challenges. The MEAN Stack development experts develop lightweight, yet optimum performing online apps for gaming portals, social networking websites, e-commerce sites and scalable APIs.

Try the full suite of MEAN Stack development services if you want to build a high-performance single-page web application that can grow in stages.
Development of MongoDB

Due to the fact that it is easy to design, test and host apps in the cloud, MongoDB is a suitable database system.

Development of ExpressJS

NodeJS allows development professionals in the MEAN Stack to build powerful websites that are integrated with application functionality.

Development of AngularJS

Developers can easily build front ends with MVC capabilities using this client-side framework’s two-way data binding. Services for developing with AngularJS can be found here.

Development of NodeJS

Node JS makes it easy for the engineers to work on both front-end and back-end projects, so employ a MEAN Stack developer.

Open-Source Structure

Being open-source, MEAN Stack web app developers can supply outstanding online and mobile application solutions.

Improved Efficiency

ince the framework is developed using Node.JS, its architecture can further be improved upon for faster development of MEAN Stack applications.

Applications on a Single Page

AngularJS makes it easy to develop dynamic, testable sites that are also maintainable for MEAN Stack web app developers.

Safe Remedies

Our MEAN Stack web development team ensures the security of your data, and every deployed solution has unbreakable security components.

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Particular CMS Solutions

Due to our developers’ capability of integrating high-performance and easy-to-use CRM platforms, we are the best MEAN Stack development company in the market. It is very important to understand your customers and we make sure that this process becomes an easy one with our company solutions. By including new features and components, the mobile team enhances UI/UX of your application.

Solutions for Interactive Websites

Share with our MEAN Stack app development experts all the information and business needs you have, and you will be provided with solutions readily identifiable as belonging to your online firm. The group would provide you with a customized service at the highest level of service and implement solutions that are tailor-made for your business. Increase customer engagement with customizable interactive online solutions.

API Solutions for MEAN Stack

While implementing the latest and most functional gadgets, follow the tech way. We design bespoke APIs for your business apps according to what you need. With customized solutions, you can always grow your business and become stronger and more reliable. However, over the years we have managed to grow a loyal customer base that supports and assists us in our business ventures

Solutions for E-Commerce Websites

If you are looking for Ecommerce solutions that will help you showcase your products online, then you have come to the right MEAN Stack development company. User-friendly, dynamic and engaging e-commerce solutions are designed by the dedicated development team. You have reached the right spot if you want these nice solutions that will work faster.

Migration Solutions for MEAN Stack

Transferring your solutions from one platform to another can be a daunting task. Let the experience of MEAN Stack engineers serve you as you convert your solution to a superior and more advanced platform.

Business Mean Stack Solutions

Our MEAN Stack development company is there for you 24×7 that will help you display the best products to your customers in any field or domain. With the finest of enterprise mobility, get solutions that best portray your company. We offer services that increase the clientele and revenues of your organization through Phontinent Technologies. The awareness of the worth and capability of a technically healthy application makes us build solutions aimed at making your life easier.

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Our Experts Follow a Stepwise MEAN Stack Web Applications Development Process.

Phontinent Technologies follows a comprehensive and clear-cut product life cycle.


Our business development representative connects with you to find out more about your idea for a company, as well as the technology stack along with current trends.

Market Analysis

However, if you work with our internal development team for your development needs they undertake extensive market analysis to identify industry’s best practices and the latest in business domain.


We have a baselined formal specification document that incorporates the full calendar of various milestones and scope of work prior to starting development.

Design of UI/UX

Our professionals start by defining the scope of the work before proceeding further. Once the UI/UX design team creates a wireframe for the same, they are supposed to develop the front end of the program.


Once a wireframe is completed and approved, the development team starts working on it. When we work on the different parts of your application, our mobile app development team keeps you updated constantly.


Once the application has been developed, it is tested by our quality analysis and testing team to ensure that there are no bugs. They also seek functionality of the user interface.


We give the client a solution. We promise to meet the deadline while delivering compelling solutions.

Support Following Delivery

We ensure that we provide you with digital solutions even after implementation of the product.

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With the help of competent developers, Phontinent Technologies has become one of the world MEAN Stack development company.

Skilled Developers Available for Hire

The main factor to consider while employing a MEAN Stack developer is the experience. We are well versed on your needs, and we offer a proposal that will fulfill your goals in investment.

Tech fans follow the latest news.

Our MEAN Stack developers regularly update their knowledge and skills so that the only thing they offer is state-of-the-art trends in creative problem solving.

Our Identity Is Punctuality

To enable our clients to determine whether the product is viable in the market before introducing it, we introduce our MEAN Stack web app development services within a given time frame.

Cost-effective Approach

We are a reliable and trustworthy tech partner for your upcoming development project as we offer affordable solutions

Availability in every hour of the day

You can chat live with our development team. In the wee hours, you can always reach them through various MEANs.

Creativity in All Solutions.

For every client, we offer modern solutions to ensure that no two products are identical. We know that your application must be as unique as your company.

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