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We at Phontinent Technologies are WordPress SEO experts with years of expertise improving sites for top search engine rankings. Our specialized services, including keyword analysis for your website's niche and regular backlinks from relevant domains/blogs, have helped several clients rank on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Yandex. picking meta keywords and descriptions that meet client needs to rank effectively across all main players!

WordPress has many SEO professionals, making it hard to stand out. You need a specialist to give white-hat, precise, and successful services for your website's ranking on Google or Bing to attract potential clients before they find someone else with a better score!

Phontinent Technologies provides WordPress SEO services that boost blog and website ranks to improve the globe. Our unique methods and advanced technology promote sites, so contact us today to get ahead of the competition!

The WordPress SEO Company has optimized websites since its founding. Our team of cheerful, young professionals is dedicated to make your website run smoothly so you can rank better on Google! Our team will assist your business in every way. Let us boost its internet presence and make it stand out in the digital world!

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Our WordPress SEO consists of the following services that are as regards

SEO Inspect and Evaluate

We thoroughly check your WordPress site to determine all the changes or add-ons that will improve its limpidity and search engine rankings. It includes:

  1. Code inspection,
  2. Assessing in-use plugins
  3. Check your WordPress account appearance for SEO and other factors.

WordPress SEO Outlay

Our experts created an SEO budget based on our inspection and evaluation report. Phontinent Technologies knows your website is important. This is why we will take the time to rank it and keep ranking with our successful tactics! We consider challenging industry trends, staying current by researching new SEO tactics, and portraying oneself properly through careful content planning to attract visitors. We also consider these sections:

  1. Local/International SEO,
  2. Targeting direct traffic
  3. Enhancing patron experience,
  4. Mobile SEO
  5. Increasing tap and conversion rates, among other factors.

WordPress refurbishes and On-site optimization

Our technical refurbishment services improve your WordPress website's appearance. Through automatic upgrades and high-quality web design, we help you keep it current:

  1. Changing images, headers, and title tags.
  2. Enhancing grading by code customization
  3. Enhancing inward links
  4. Implementing SSL authentication,
  5. Creating landing pages and other materials for beginners.

WordPress Content Optimization

Content creation keeps visitors engaged and boosts website rankings. Our content optimization goes beyond keywords. It also provides insightful material that turns visitors into loyal customers. It comprises these content types:

  1. Site content,
  2. Article or blog content,
  3. Recording content visually
  4. Business-to-business and B2C content.

WordPress SEO Plugins

Our professionals customize plugins for your needs. We recognize every business has different needs, therefore we can deliver easily! The services we offer:

  1. Current version refurbishment
  2. Customization for WordPress manifesto and SEO requirements.
  3. Custom attribute plugin setup.

Supplemental Online marketing assistance to increase your commerce

Beyond SEO, our WordPress eCommerce SEO agency offers other online marketing services:


PPC gives your business a unique position to attract visitors with paid endorsements. We create customized pay-per-click campaigns for Google, Bing, LinkedIn, and others.

Social network marketing

Social networks are prompts. We want to captivate your audience with focused Social Media Marketing.

Mail Marketing

The time calls for personalised marketing. What could be more specific than your client's inbox? To keep your brand or company in your clients' minds, we create goal-oriented email activities.

Content Marketing

With expertise from many niches, we provide top-notch content marketing services. Phontinent Technologies content marketing services include creating videos, articles, statistics, promotional writing, and more.

If you have a novice project, contact Phontinent Technologies's WordPress SEO professionals today.

Seamless and Adaptive WooCommerce SEO Company

Along with WordPress, we offer WooCommerce SEO. To trade on WooCommerce, work with Phontinent Technologies, the top WooCommerce SEO business. We build powerful eCommerce stores with concise, endless product catalogs as the best WooCommerce installation services provider. Our innovation, automation, and marketing skills equip influential WooCommerce stores that value ROI. We will never forget the importance of creating relationships with our clients and ensuring they enjoy their digital trip.

Phontinent Technologies’ WooCommerce SEO Services Include

  • Custom WooCommerce development
  • Moved to WooCommerce.
  • App: WooCommerce Mobile
  • WooCommerce protection support
  • WooCommerce support and continuity,

Included WordPress plugin installation.

WooCommerce SEO and incorporation services.

Contact WooCommerce SEO professionals at Phontinent Technologies today to start trading.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Everyone has these questions. When you know SEO and other relevant stuff, these questions arise. All your questions and problems are answered here.

Why is SEO important for WordPress blogs in 2023 and beyond?

Search engine optimization helps sites get traffic. Thus, it is crucial to online marketing campaigns. An effective SEO budget boosts website ranking. This ranking lets users find it first. You can create web content after it has a view. Content is crucial for audience engagement and conversions. All of these are essential for every business. SEO matters because of that.

What are the online marketing services and, what online marketing services are you furnishing?

Online marketing services improve your company's brand online. Phontinent Technologies offers pay-per-click, mail, online platform, and other internet marketing services.

Why choose our SEO Consultants for WordPress SEO Services?

Phontinent Technologies is India's top WordPress SEO agency. Our words are rendered. Some hypotheses may help you answer your query. Here are the reasons:

We are a top WordPress SEO services supplier.

Our proven results

The team is grateful and devoted.

We provide affordable service packages.

Finally, we provide immediate support to our clients.

What are the characteristics of our WordPress SEO services?

Every facet of our service pleases clients. Some of our assistance's features:

The main focus is on word research.

  • Excellent standards for link building
  • Evaluation of the contesting party

The perspective is comprehensive.

Our certified content writers create effective content.

  • Comprehensive examination and qualities.

Have any queries or need any help?

We encourage potential clients and observers to contact us with any questions. Engaged parties can contact us anytime for WordPress & WooCommerce SEO assistance.

Phontinent Technologies helps WordPress and WooCommerce sites achieve SEO goals and increase visitors. We can be reached by phone, mail, or our website application.


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