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Partner with expert UI/UX developers to get a visually pleasing solution that enhances your successful online presence. Our UI/UX designers use color, pattern, and graphics to make your digital solution become your online identity.

Design and Development of UX/UI

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At Phontinent Technologies, you can get a comprehensive user interface design offer that includes visual design services and provides Web/Desktop/ Mobile UI/UX design and development. Here we make websites and applications truly viable and people-friendly. By working together with us, you will be able to create user-centric and intentional applications that are intuitive and help boost your brand. In this section, we create wireframes, user case profiles and page designs to materialize user interface design.

Comprehensive user experience services are delivered, and these include participation in product vision workshops, task flow development, use scenarios, information hierarchy; the user interface style guide just to mention a few. We offer rebranding services for businesses that already have a website, whether it is corporate websites, business portals, galleries or eCommerce portal. That is how you create attractive websites by utilizing Flash and HTML 5.

Offers in UX/UI Development

Appealing Front-end Layouts

Many areas of front-end development are handled by Phontinent Technologies including instructional design and graphics being one of the core features.

Analysis of Human Factors

In order to check whether products have to be recalled and whether design changes are required in order to solve problems with patterns such as color scheme, fat fingers, icon size, and sound among others human factors analysis is used.

Prototypes and Wire Frames

The ultimate business reason for wireframes is to enhance the UX and UI development process. At this stage, we are creating the information architecture and layout. Subsequently, clickable prototypes are evaluated and integrated into the user experience to ensure a smooth interaction.

Assessment of User Experience

However, we operate within a structure that allows us to control the principles, capabilities and tools required for an individual’s perception of a design from both a UX and UI perspective at Phontinent Technologies. This section considers, among others, expert review, usability testing, contextual inquiry and content audit.

Research & Analysis on UX/UI

Before UX and UI design, there are a variety of factors that are researched and analyzed like audience analysis, requirement collection, online surveys etc. Our pursuit of better performance, goal-oriented outcomes relies heavily on research and analysis.

Designing User Experiences

User experience design is the most vital element that these applications, websites, or e-commerce online platforms must have in order to succeed. These include information architecture, user journey mapping, concept mapping, graphic design and many more.

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UX/UI Techniques to Improve the User Experience

Design of Web UI/UX

Business intelligence software automates business processes, which greatly reduces time and costs and increases the level of productivity in general.

Design of Mobile App UI/UX

A business intelligence system is a good tool when you try to sell any goods or services of your company to potential customers, suppliers, and vendors.

Design of Software Interfaces

BI systems possess impressive data visualization features, providing actionable and readable operational report graphics that are concise and clear to interpret.

Design of Dashboard Interface

Business intelligence software is a great helper no matter if you want to enhance employee training, product development, marketing, staffing or sales processes.

Design of Touch Screen UI/UX

Quick thinking and good decision-making processes require crucial information to be arranged with as much ease as possible using real-time data and business intelligence dashboards.

UI/UX Design for Games

By using BI Simplify Benchmarking, businesses are able to benchmark themselves against the other partners and competitors of the organization in order to gain important insights about where their business stands.

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