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Phontinent Technologies develops unique big data applications and provides consulting services to small and large companies worldwide.


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Bespoke Big Data Services

Our end-to-end Big Data Solutions and Services let modern businesses focus on key business areas and operations.

Businesses can easily access data thanks to the rapid expansion of digital Big Data Offering technology. This makes managing the growing data volume daily difficult. Our Big Data solutions and services help you manage large amounts of data and reimagine your business through focused research.

The trend of Big Data gives your organization a competitive edge and access to expanding volume, diversity, velocity, and complexity. You are inundated with large amounts of data, whether local, cloud, or both. Experience, talents, and resources are enough to thrive and turn company issues into insights.

Phontinent Technologies collaborates to organize your Big Data and implements the technology needed to manage and comprehend it, allowing you to foresee customer demand and make smarter decisions. We analyze your business difficulties and provide strategic guidance to succeed, using your data to your benefit.

Our Offerings

Consulting & Development Services

Our experts advise on big data consulting services, including use cases, staff training, standing out from competitors, and finding opportunities. In addition to architectural consultation and capacity planning for faster time-to-market, our Big Data professionals produce MAP Reduce Code, Custom Code, and Data integration Services using proven Big Data ecosystem components.

Live Charts & Dashboards

These Real Time Charts & Dashboards visualize data live. Just point your chart to a data source, specify a refresh rate, and start real-time data monitoring. We let you establish a data analytics dashboard with one chart and add charts as needed. You can instantly design, modify, filter, delete, relocate, and resize dashboards, then publish or connect them into your online app.

Store and Play Data

On app load, this functionality populates chat, collaboration, and machine configuration. It manages real-time communication streams and recovers historical data streams for reporting, auditing, and compliance. You can also repeat live events with real-time data transmission during rebroadcasting and store data in EU locations for privacy and legal compliance.

Batch Big Data Processing

Batch processing in Big Data is a great approach to process large amounts of data by collecting transactions over time. Batch processing can compute complex things since it has access to all data. This system has latency of minutes or more and prioritizes throughput over computing component latency.

Live Data Streaming

In real time Data streaming makes big data more effective, beyond corporate efficiency. It boosts e-Commerce, mobile app data analysis, system efficiency monitoring, and more. It lets organizations watch client behavior, especially on websites. As IoT grows, real-time data streaming will be needed.

Real-Time Data Processing

Statistics show that most firms utilize batch data processing, but others need real-time processing. Real-time data processing lets an organization operate in seconds or minutes as needed. The goal is to gain the understanding needed to respond wisely at the proper time, which increasingly implies instantly.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Today, historical analysis and batch reports aren't enough; you need real-time data and insights to make informed decisions. Real-time data analytics lets you combine practically any live/in-motion or bulk/at-rest data source.

Mobile Push Notifications

Smartphones display alert-like notifications while the app is inactive. Mobile push messages are pop-up badges, sounds, or banners. These messages try to grab users' attention and entice them back into the app. These are available on iOS, Android, and other platforms.

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We Offer Big Data Solutions

Data Collection

Small to large businesses value big data collection because it improves business intelligence and optimizes marketing strategy. Choose a data collection approach based on your technologies.

Processing Data

Phontinent's method helps analyze petabyte-scale data. Offline batch data processing can handle any BI use case, while real-time stream processing profiles the latest data slice to find outliers.

Data analysis

This analysis uses predictive analytics, data mining, text analytics, and statistical analysis software. Our expertise employ Hadoop, YARN, MapReduce, Spark, Hive, Pig, and NoSQL databases.

Data Execution

New execution frameworks like Spark, Tez, Flink, Storm, and Samza have been added to Hadoop, and our professionals employ them to meet your business objectives. Thus, we select the finest execution framework for your issues.

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