PPC Management Pricing at your fingertips

PPC Management Pricing at your fingertips

Want to increase revenue? Our data-driven PPC packages help you do that. Phontinent Technologies delivers ROI-driven PPC solutions for conversions, website traffic, or both.

Forget about Expenses, Focus on Generating Sales

Setting up analytics and monitoring platform changes might be difficult. Staff hire and training expenditures are also included. Businesses worldwide trust us for advertising success.

Pay-per-click advertising generates business engagements like calls, emails, quote requests, and orders. This makes it buzzworthy. Traditional marketing lacks its quantifiability.

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Why do you actually need PPC services?

Sometimes a written landing page isn't enough for your business. Better keyword research and a monthly advertising budget that matches your business budget are needed to stand out from competition and attract Google. This is where our PPC products help.

Every firm has marketing goals, and our experts will examine yours to make recommendations. Our team is acknowledged for industry expertise and staff. We offer a variety of alternatives for your campaign, regardless of size or channel.

People's misuse of PPC creates misconceptions. PPC products may seem like a waste of effort and money. We use our experience at Phontinent Technologies to deliver outcomes. PPC management pricing strategies have been proved to help startups and established companies make money.

PPC Marketing & Management Services Included In Each Pricing Package

  • Established paid advertising and tracking accounts for ad management and performance tracking.
  • Research, optimize, and manage keywords, messaging, and target audiences to reach marketing goals.
  • Created customized ads for PPC campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, and eCommerce shopping platforms.
  • Our campaigns serve various aims, like targeting certain audiences, reconnecting with website visitors, enhancing brand visibility, generating leads, and supporting product sales.
  •  You may visit your dashboard for real-time reports. Campaign results will be shown in these reports. Understand your ROI.
  • We offer split testing to regularly evaluate the performance of your adverts. Based on the data, we can make changes for long-term improvement and better results.
  • We set up, run, and track PPC marketing campaigns with our years of experience and powerful tools.

Now lets talk about our Google AdWords Management Packages

We provide three packages: beginning, standard, and superior. Every bundle is tailored to your account's size and complexity.

For businesses new to AdWords, our basic package is ideal. Campaign setup and optimization, keyword research, bid management, conversion tracking, and ad design are included.

For experienced AdWords users seeking to enhance their advertising efforts, we offer the basic package. All fundamental services are included with more expenditure!

Take your AdWords game to the next level with our premier package.

Our complete bundle includes all services including A/B testing and optimization tactics to maximize your advertising budget. Our Indian PPC professionals help improve performance and create campaigns that attract more customers.

Your company's Google AdWords management pricing depends on its needs and budget. Contact one of our PPC consultants to find out what works for you!

Reasons to Choose Phontinent Technologies, for PPC Services in India

Phontinent Technologies excels in PPC for various reasons. Many clients have grown through PPC advertising campaigns, proving our success.

Our result-oriented strategy includes keyword research and analysis to select keywords and write appealing ads. We optimize bid management for ROI and spending.

Customized Solutions Aligned with Your Business Objectives

Beyond service offers, our PPC packages are custom solutions to assist you reach your business goals. Before creating the plan, we study your goals, audience, and industry. By connecting our efforts with your goals, we ensure every click and investment is profitable.

Our PPC project professionals' years of experience and skill make us successful. They follow industry trends and best practices. Phontinent Technologies personnel handle PPC campaigns and understand advertising's complexity.

We use cutting-edge technology and methods to stay ahead in PPC advertising. Phontinent Technologies invests in PPC tools and technologies to provide clients an edge. We use top-notch keyword research and bid management technologies for optimal outcomes.

Businesses of all sizes should be able to use PPC advertising. This is why our Pay Per Click packages have different budgets. We have affordable options for startups and expansions. You get value for your investment with our transparent PPC pricing and no-cost commitment.

Comprehensive and Customizable PPC Packages

Phontinent Technologies knows that every business is different and requires a customized approach. We offer customised PPC programs to match your needs. Our PPC management services are for startups and established enterprises alike. Our keyword research and channel campaign solutions are suitable for you.

As a Google Adwords partner, we guarantee your campaign's cost per click. Please contact us if you need help choosing a PPC package. We will efficiently audit your PPC demands. Give you the best package.


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Key Benefits of our PPC Packages

  1. Cost Effectiveness: PPC is a cost-effective strategy for marketing your organization. You only pay Google or other big search engines when someone clicks on your ad. Its efficiency and reasonableness are enhanced by this.
  2. Prompt Results: PPC campaigns offer immediate results. Ads will show once you bid on keywords and generate high-quality traffic. Instead of waiting months for SEO results, this is faster.
  3. Increased Revenue: Optimize landing pages, drive website traffic, and manage PPC advertising expenses to increase revenue. These three features in a PPC ad guarantee a quick revenue boost for your organization.

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