7 features Of School App Development You Must Know About

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7 features Of School App Development You Must Know About

The year 2020 has transformed the world in different ways and when we talk about businesses, it has impacted every industry. Due to the evolution of smartphones, the e-learning application was also affected but in a positive way.

What are the Features of School App Development?

The year 2020 has transformed the world in different ways and when we talk about businesses, it has impacted every industry. Due to the evolution of smartphones and various other gadgets, the education market was also affected but in a positive way. This led to an increase in the development of school mobile apps. With these technologies, the bond between the teachers and the students has improved.

Nowadays, with this multitude of Educational Mobile Apps, learning has become much smoother, much faster, and much enjoyable for both the students as well as the teachers. The great thing about this is that both the students as well as the teachers don’t have to be together in one place, as the apps can be used comfortably at any place at any time. With the growing importance of E-learning Apps and the various benefits of accessing digital education, both entrepreneurs, as well as software creators benefit from this entire educational market

How should an ideal school app look like?

For any school, the most basic requirement is to have a smooth, compatible, safe as well as secure communication channel. In times of pandemic, it has become necessary for the school institutions to provide this kind of platform so that the studies can continue without any interruption. An ideal school app should have features that allow the parents as well as the students to stay in touch with the teachers. At the same time, it should be efficient as well as reliable for the users. It should also contain a friendly user interface that is convenient for both teachers as well as parents. Therefore before creating a mobile app, the owner should focus on its features, make sure the app is profitable and is user-friendly.

Types of School Mobile Apps

Given below are some of the various types of school mobile Apps:

·       School fee management app

·       Student attendance management app

·       Exam preparation and mock tests app

Top School Mobile Apps

Among several school mobile apps, the top school mobile apps are:

1. School plus

This app helps you to create student profiles, with all the student data like photos, addresses, data, contact numbers, etc. School plus helps the teachers to mark the daily attendance of students. The attendance of students can be viewed by parents as well. This app is available for mobile devices as well as desktops. It provides attractive templates that help users creating quick and easy content.

2. Hello Parent

With Hello Parent, the parents can view the timetable as well as the attendance of the students. This app also sends automatic fees reminder as well as any other valuable information through emails and text messages.

3. Teno

Teno provides instant and smooth communication between teachers and parents. In this app, all the homework is uploaded on a particular file which is accessible to both students as well as parents.

Monetization methods of School Mobile Apps

Some of the sources through which School mobile apps make revenue are:

1. Advertisements

Advertisement is one of the best methods of monetization. However, it will only be effective when the app has gained a particular amount of users. Sometimes advertisements also cause a lot of disturbance among the app users when they are using the app. Therefore, before using this strategy the owner should do full market research and provide the users with relevant advertisements.

2. Paid Download

This method is only put to use when the owner thinks that the app has potential believes that the app will be successful. This concept works well for businesses that have a good brand reputation and has a good number of customers.

3. Freemium

In this method, the features of the app are free for few days. Then after some time, some special features of the app are given at a certain price. These special features of the app are known as premium features. This method is done to attract an audience for the product.

Team Required For School Mobile App Development

It is not an easy task to develop school mobile apps as it requires a lot of knowledge and experience in that sector. With the help of an experienced mobile app development team that excels in the field of E-learning app development, one can excel in this business. Therefore given below is the team required for school mobile app development:

·       Project Manger

·       Graphic designers

·       UI/UX designers

·       Android developers

·       Ios developers

·       Testers

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Advantages of School Mobile Apps

Some of the Advantages of school mobile apps are:

1. New and Innovative learning methods

As the apps are introduced in the education field, the way of learning for the students has changed drastically. With the help of school mobile apps, the students can think positively as well as creatively and can understand challenging problems quickly.

2. Enhances parent-teacher communication

These apps help in removing the communication barrier among teachers and parents. The teachers can respond to the parent’s questions regarding their child’s academic progress, attendance, and many more in the app.

3. Helps in Accessing Information

With the help of these apps people who don’t have a desktop at home can also track their child’s academic status with just a click.

4. Promotes Community Involvement

With school mobile apps contacting board members, supporting fundraisers, coordinating board sessions, and connecting to group events have become much easier. Due to this schools are becoming an important part of the community.

Advance features of School Mobile Apps

Nowadays there is a lot of competition in the education industry. Apps like Teno, Hello parent, and school plus are dominating the market with their unique features. So to compete with these apps, one needs to include the following features:

1. Gamification

Gamification means integrating the app with creative and innovative games. With this feature, the children can learn complex topics with ease. With the help of small and fun games like puzzles, quizzes, etc. the children can be easily take interest in their studies.

2. Signup through social media

While accessing the app, many users encounter various problems while signing in or logging in. This can be made easy through the social login feature which allows the user to login into the app using his/her social media account. With this feature, users will not have to fill long forms while signing up entering login details every time while using the app.

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3. Video Lectures

Video lectures allow the teachers to interact with their students through recorded lectures or live classes. With this feature, students can get their doubts cleared quickly and efficiently. The students can also download the lectures of the teacher and can access them anytime and anywhere.

4. Quizzes or Mock tests

This feature is necessary for every mobile app. With this feature, students can analyze how much have they prepared for the real exam by giving mock tests.

5. Attendance Management

Maintaining attendance these days is a very hectic task for teachers. With this feature, the teachers can maintain the daily attendance of students effortlessly. It also allows the parents to track their children’s daily attendance.

6. in App Chat

In-App Chat allows the users to interact with the representative when they have any doubts or problems regarding the app. This feature helps in increasing user engagement with the app.

7. Multiple payment options

Through Multiple Payment options, parents won’t have to go anywhere to pay fees. They can make payments with a single click with this feature.


We must understand that the audience we are targeting in this field is very different when we talk about school mobile apps. The app must be designed in such a way so that the students can read and understand the content with ease. To develop such an app it is necessary to hire an experienced E-Learning App Development Company.

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