5 Latest Trends for Fantasy Sports App Development in 2021

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5 Latest Trends for Fantasy Sports App Development in 2021

What is a Fantasy sports App?

Fantasy Sports are an online game where users build a virtual team with real players who are physically playing that game somewhere. And with the everyday technological invention, Fantasy Sports App Development is in high demand among sports lovers. By using a fantasy sports app for cricket, player can make his/her own team of virtual players who are actually playing the match at some stadium. The loss or victory of the individual will depend on the players’ or team’s real performance on the ground.

The growing fan base for various sports such as cricket, basketball, rugby, tennis, and many more have made sports a billion dollar industry. Here are some ways through a fantasy app like dream11 can help you make fortunate:

  • In-app advertising
  • Offering free leagues
  • Sponsorships
  • App development on various platforms such as iOS, Android, Hybrid, etc.
  • Affiliate network

Basic Features for a Fantasy sports App

  • Signup or Sign-in process
  • Create and manage multiple teams
  • Live score updates
  • Contest manager
  • Join and create contests(user feature)
  • View total earnings
  • Dashboards based on the different user types and roles
  • Invite and earn feature
  • Browse and select matches
  • Virtual wallet for users
  • Payment management features
  • Social media sharing
  • CMS integration for easy management

Here are some advanced features that can be valuable to the Fantasy sports App

  • Push notifications 
  • Live streaming of the game
  • Loyalty programs
  • Real-time analytics
  • Live commentary feed
  • Easy customization when needed
  • On click withdrawal system
  • GST management
  • Sequenced management of admin and sub admin
  • Live performance status and live matches changes
  • Champion and score prediction 

Types of Fantasy Sports Mobile Apps

  • Daily and weekly games
  • Games based on the score
  • Different conceptual based games 
  • Multiple league based games

Important Sports for Fantasy Games

  • Fantasy cricket mobile apps
  • Fantasy soccer mobile apps
  • Fantasy basketball mobile apps
  • Fantasy rugby mobile apps
  • Fantasy sports football apps
  • Fantasy sports football apps
  • Fantasy sports mobile apps for Golf 
  • Baseball Fantasy sport mobile apps and many more

Team required to Build a Sports App

  • Project manager
  • iOS developer
  • Android developer
  • Backend developer
  • Q/A professional
  • UI/UX designer

Latest Trends in Fantasy sports App Development

  1. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI):  Artificial Intelligence has now become a crucial part of almost every industry. Sports apps facilitate users with a personalized experience by using artificial intelligence. This technology is also used to solve the queries of the users.
  2. Social media Integration: social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc can help you to increase user engagement. It can also help in improving brand reputation. 
  3. Use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: The use of AR and VR in App development will help in delivering real life experiences. Most people love both AR and VR in the gaming space. Both these technologies are used for live streaming which creates a huge buzz in the fantasy sports App development industry.
  4. Gamification: Gamificationis one of theapplications that are becoming an indispensable part of all types of mobile apps. It is used to solve the problems of users by using the features of game elements. It can also be used to increase user engagement.
  5. Creative Advertisements: Nowadays advertisements, promotions, and publicity are not only confined to televisions but increasing day by day. An advertisement plays an important role in every business type.

Best App Ideas for your startup

  • Fantasy sports app
  • eSports app
  • Ticket booking app
  • Live streaming app
  • Sports news app
  • Team management app
  • Sports facilities booking app

How does Fantasy Sports App Development work?

  1. After starting the app, users can select the match of their own choice. 
  2. The next user needs 11 players to create a team.
  3. Now the user has to select a captain of the team. 
  4. Users can also create various teams as per requirement.
  5. Gamers can also manage the team players.
  6. Rewards are distributed to the players according to the performance when the match gets over.

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Features of the User Panel

  • Log-in or Registration: The user can log in to the app when they have registered an account on it by providing all the necessary information such as username, email-id, password, phone number, etc.
  • Home Screen: The home screen of the user contains detailed information about match listing, match timings, upcoming matches, live matches, upcoming matches, and results. 
  • My Profile: In this section, users can find the details of payments, rewards, bonuses, winning amounts, and many more.
  • My Contest: Tt will provide the details to the user about all the contests that have joined the game.
  • Payment: It offers multiple online payments to the user such as App wallet, Paytm wallet, credit/debit card facility, cash on delivery, and referral points.
  • Settings: This section provides details such as Contact us, Help, About us, CMS view, and Point System.

Features of the Admin Panel

  • Signup/Login: The admin will be able to login into the admin panel by providing all the credentials like emailed or password.
  • Dashboard: This feature provides a graphical representation of all the activities of the user application.
  • Contest Manager: It allows admin to add, delete and edit the contests.
  • User Manager: It allows the admin to maintain and manage all the users.
  • Transaction Manager: This feature allows you to view the transaction history and allows you to maintain and manage all the transactions.
  • Push Notifications: This feature provides instant notifications to the admin about the activity of the users.
  • Settings: Settings allow you to make various changes such as email, password, picture, and many more.

Fantasy sports App Development is now a social norm, the above latest trends will help you to build an excellent Fantasy Sports App. Here in the blog, you will get all the desired information about Fantasy sports mobile App. Always choose the best sports app developers to build an excellent Fantasy sports App like dream11.

Fantasy sports App Development have transformed the world of mobile app development. Phontinent Technologies is one of the best Sports App Development Companies to develop your App. We offer all types of Fantasy sports App solutions to our clients based in the USA, UAE, and India. We provide on-time delivery of projects at an affordable cost.

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