Trending Mobile App Development Technologies

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Trending Mobile App Development Technologies

Trending Mobile App Development

For the past late years, mobile application technologies have been changing our lives continuously. And due to their huge fame and utility, they serve to be an important event for Entrepreneurs and organizations to embrace this opportunity

Mobile app development revenue

As indicated by Stats, mobile applications should produce around $189 Billion US dollars in incomes. 

Also, numerous specialists have just said that the mobile application development sector is one of the quickest developing businesses and it gives no indications of decreasing in the future too. 

With most recent technology development and innovations becoming our part of life is normal, it’s not incorrect to imagine that 2019 will be the time of mobile applications development business and will have more possibilities for this industry to grow more, as people are heading towards technology advancement very quickly.

After performing deep analysis by our team we’ve recognized and recorded down beneath the most likely Mobile application development trends that will rule in 2019.

AR & VR Technologies

AR/VR, both are great technologies. There is no uncertainty about that. In 2019, their utilization cases won’t be restricted to only gaming applications any longer.

Augmented Reality - Phontinent Technologies

Big Tech companies are developing huge amounts of new use cases for both. For example, Google and Apple both are launching new AR demos on their most recent gadgets, which is the confirmation that AR/VR will be a definite advantage sooner rather than later. 

These technologies are additionally anticipated to see on social stages for marketing just as focusing on potential clients for AR/VR applications

For instance, Instagram and Snapchat have just discharged their AR filters that can transform a human face into different entertaining characters.

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Internet Of Things

IoT can interface gadgets installed in different systems to the web. If gadgets/articles can express themselves on digital platforms, then they can be controlled from any place. The network at that point causes us to catch more information from more places, guaranteeing more methods for expanding productivity and improving security and IoT security.

Internet of things

Internet of things is a transformational power that can help organizations improve execution through IoT analysis and IoT Security to achieve better outcomes.

The Internet of things is seen as one of the revolutionary innovations in the business of mobile app development services. The worldwide IoT market is required to produce $1.335 Trillion US dollars in income steadily by 2020.

Machine Learning And AI

Machine Learning and AI both have penetrated the mobile application development market deeply and are a huge part of the current world.

AI generally, has made itself show as chatbots, while Siri, the mix of Machine Learning and AI is currently a particularly part of mobile application developments that can’t be isolated at this point. 

Artificial Intelligence- Phontinent Technologies

Moreover, in 2019, the intensity of AI and Machine Learning won’t be simply constrained to Siri & chatbots.

Numerous companies have just begun grasping AI application development services to increase profits just and also reducing operational costs in different forms. 

Indeed, as per IDC, over 75% of laborers who are utilizing ERP services will presently use the abilities of AI to grow their capability in the work environment. 

This implies, not just AI and Machine Learning have profound roots in the present mobile application development, yet they have an important chance of development in the future too.

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Beacons are little, remote transmitters that utilize low-power Bluetooth technology to send a signal to other gadgets close-by. They are perhaps the most recent invention in location-based technology services. Through Beacon services, we can transfer information to other smart devices smoothly which makes location-based searching and interaction easier and accurate.

Beacon Technology | Phontinent Technologies
The following picture shows the Beacon devices

We believe it’s safe to state that Beacons technology has turned out to be progressively acceptable for basic customers. 

In any case, their utilization cases won’t be constrained to these in 2019. Beacons have a far more noteworthy capacity than that.

Cloud Technology

Despite the fact that many still believe Cloud to be an expensive alternative, yet in 2019, that won’t be the situation any longer. 

The world has just begun awakening to the advantages and opportunities that Cloud brings to the table. 

For example, decreasing costs in hosting, advanced loading limit, and smooth business activities are just a couple of advantages Cloud gives. 

These days, numerous security-related concerns are being tackled with the assistance of the Cloud, making mobile application services more safe, quick, and dependable. 

Also, with the assistance of Cloud innovation, for example, Dropbox, SlideRocket, AWS, and some more, it is presently conceivable to develop big and powerful applications that run straightforwardly on the Cloud. 

That implies we can expect more amazing applications, requiring least extra storage from cell phones to be launched in 2019.


Blockchain Development has opened up a universe of more current and energizing services in the IT segment. 

While in 2018, we as a whole generally observed the utilization of blockchain innovation in making digital currency and smart contracts only. Moreover, blockchain is more helpful than you can ever think. 

For example, with the utilization of blockchain, it is imaginable to create decentralized mobile application services. 

Decentralized Mobile applications is an application that isn’t possessed or owned by anybody, but also it is difficult to close it down nor it has any shutdown time. 
In straightforward terms, Blockchain is relied upon to contribute more in the mobile application sector by making the mobile application itself decentralized, similarly as bitcoin’s blockchain performed for cash.

Wearable Devices

There is no refusing to the fact that the business of the Wearables industry is encountering a fast increment. Truth be told, as per Statista, Wearable gadgets are relied upon to reach over $33 billion before the finish of 2019.

Wearable devices demand | Phontinent Technologies
The following stats show Wearable devices expected revenue

This implies, there isn’t just an obvious number of investment to the wearable market, moreover, in the coming years, the word wearable gadgets will turn out to be similarly as large as the word mobile or smartphone currently seems to be. 

Today, the control panel of any wearable gadget is the cell phone. That means, to make a wearable, the gadgets must be connected with it and they additionally should be in the vicinity. 

Also, as indicated by the Co-Founder of UNA, Ryan Craycraft, our cell phone will never again be the hub point anymore in the coming future

In fact, the wearable application services will have more effective and efficient connection services direct to the web and might be to our body.

On-Demand Applications

The on-demand model was once used to be called an important part in the mobile application development industry. But now, the On-demand business model is the future.

Practically all enterprises have grasped on-demand like an old partner, and no industry is going to left such a fruitful business opportunity in 2019.

Until this point, 42% of the grown-up population have utilized any one on-demand development services. Furthermore, there is no proof that this on-demand pattern is going to blur away at any point in the near future. 

With everything taken into account, the on-demand application services pattern is digging in to stay for the long duration, and the organizations that won’t adjust, are certainly going to get crushed by their competition.

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Future Growth

We accept that keeping updates towards the latest technology development is the key to maintaining the regular changing customer demands and also helps in maintaining your own business in the current market.

With this blog, we’ve shared extraordinary experiences for Mobile application services trends for 2019. 

Additionally, while it is hard to recognize the accurate advantages to your business of all these mobile application development services patterns, and if that is the situation, simply connect with our master. We will ensure to make your application outstanding and provide the latest technology solutions for your business

Jayant Sharma
Jayant Sharma
Managing Director, Founder @ Phontinent Technologies