All You Need to Know About Mean Stack Development

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All You Need to Know About Mean Stack Development

MEAN Stack Development Services

What exactly is a MEAN Stack?

The first thing that came to mind before beginning with the mean stack services was what it means. Individuals who are well-versed in computing technology would undoubtedly recognize this term, but it does not equate to the English word mean. Mean is a technical acronym in which M stands for Mongo DB, E stands for express, A stands for angular, and N stands for nodes.

MEAN Stack is one such platform that is progressively getting popular for the development of web applications. It is a JavaScript-based technology platform that simplifies and accelerates the Web and Mobile App Development Services. The MEAN JavaScript development stack comprises four JavaScript technologies: MongoDB, Express.JS, AngularJS, and NodeJS, all of which play an important role in enhancing the performance of web applications. These innovations are in high demand due to their exclusive offerings and applicability. As a result, a slew of MEAN stack developers and MEAN stack growth firms continue to emerge in the technology industry.

MEAN Stack Development Services

Why mean stack is popular?

Because of their simplicity and user-friendliness, mean stack creation services are gaining a lot of traction these days. It is one of the most effective technologies for web development and application growth on the market. A streamlined method has been initiated in the construction procedure, which generates excellent as well as reciprocal results.


MongoDB is a documentation-focused, open-source backend technology that was created with developers’ scalability and agility in mind. It is a database management system. Unlike relational databases, which store data in rows and columns, MongoDB allows you to store JSON-like records with complex schemas.


One of the Node.js modules is Express.js which is a server-side scripting language. It is intended for the creation of multi-page, single-page, and hybrid web applications. Express is a Node.js web development architecture that is both scalable and minimal, and it provides a versatile set of features for both web and smartphone apps.

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AngularJS Development is a robust and well-structured JavaScript platform for building complex web applications. You can use HTML as your template language for AngularJS, and you can also expand HTML’s syntax to state your application’s components briefly and explicitly. It is completely free and is used by thousands of MEAN stack developers worldwide.


Node.js Development is another robust and open-source JavaScript-oriented platform based on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine. It is also a server-side programming language. It can be used to create I/O-intensive web applications such as single-page apps, video streaming websites, and other web applications.

Extra Benefits of MEAN Stack Development

• MEAN Stack Writes Isomorphic Code 

• Node.js Simplifies the Server Layer

• Angularjs Is a New Programming Language 

• MongoDB Is Designed for the Cloud

Advantages of Mean Stack

Highly flexible

MEAN allows you to easily validate an application on a cloud network after completing the implementation phase successfully. Cloud applications can be easily designed, tested, and deployed. It also allows you to quickly apply extra details by adding the field to your form. MongoDB, which was created specifically for the cloud, provides complete cluster support as well as automated replication.

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Reusability and high speed

Because of its non-blocking architecture, Node.js is efficient and scalable. Angular.js is an open-source JavaScript platform that offers testability, maintenance, and reusability. This framework’s powerful directives advance into great testability and domain-specific terminology.

Free and open source

The innovations in the stack are open access, which means they are freely accessible. This allows you more access to online archives and databases, making creation easier and less expensive. Top software developers have shared their responses to frequently asked questions, and even though you have any reservations, uploading them there will elicit responses from the experts.


MEAN is a low-cost technology for companies. The simple explanation is that you do not need to employ a large number of experts to complete a single job – a full-stack Javascript developer would suffice. This ensures you have a lot of time and resources at your side, as well as the option of just hiring professionals.


If you’re under pressure to meet a deadline, MEAN is the way to go. The biggest explanation is that you don’t have to build any modules from scratch since Node.js already has a large set of module libraries. Furthermore, the automated checking function notifies you when a certain feature has a bug, allowing you to patch it before going on.

A tried and true technology

Since this is a tried-and-true application stack, you will almost certainly get answers along the way if any arise. Companies ranging from small companies to large tech corporations have already reaped the rewards of Node.js.

MEAN Stack Development Services

Disadvantages of Mean Stack

  • To take advantage of its scalability, Node needs a working knowledge of many challenging programming principles, as well as the use of a language that many programmers find confusing (javascript).
  • Mongo is not as dependable and robust out of the box as relational databases, and it takes an experienced DBA for production applications.
  • If you’ve built the first site with Mean stack technology, it’s difficult to go back to the old way of doing things.
  • It provides insufficient server separation from business logic.
  • Angular can be too verbose and confusing at times, making it unsuitable for basic apps and websites.
  • Since Express is fluid and non-opinionated, it necessitates a slew of arguably needless decisions regarding tools and libraries on the part of the creator.
  • To take advantage of it, you must be well-versed in Javascript; novice/entry-level knowledge of the language is inadequate, while you can get very far with a simple understanding of a couple of languages using other stacks.

MEAN Stack is quickly developing, easy to use and powerful technology has many benefits. It is appropriate for cutting-edge and innovative web applications that will rule the market shortly.

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