6 Things to Consider While Hiring React Native App Development Company

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17th March 2021
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6 Things to Consider While Hiring React Native App Development Company

React Native app development

Have you ever struggled to find a development team that could meet your expectations? Or did you ever felt trapped while taking the final decision? If you have encountered any of these situations, allow us to help you. We know that it is a tough task to find the perfect React Native App Development team as it requires a lot of research and commitment. But after several trial and error methods, we finally found the perfect solution. In this blog, we will discuss the various things that you should consider while hiring a React Native App Development company.

Top Advantages of React Native App Development for your Business

React Native is a robust platform that helps build efficient solutions in a budget-friendly way. The apps created with this platform are easy to manage, update and support. Thus given below are the reasons why you need this framework for your business:

1. Cost-Efficient App Development

Although the cost of hiring react native app developers varies depending on the project, it is still lower when it comes to app development. Due to easy migration, code reusability, and 3rd party plugin support, the time required for developing an app on the platform is greatly reduced.

2. Reusable components

One of the core reasons for using React Native is that it can be used on multiple platforms. Each component of iOS and Android can be reused by the developers for various projects. This also saves programmers time as they don’t have to rebuild codes for different projects accordingly.

React native app development

3. Improves UI

React Native offers all React JS features that help in improving the user interface. This is useful for developers as they do not have to learn the native language of the platform while using this framework. The only thing skills required to use react native are Java Script and a bit of React Syntax. React Native makes it easy for the programmers to add native components to the code.

4. Improves Performance

One main factor which separates react native from other Cross-Platform Development is that it creates codes using native APIs. Due to this, there is an improvement in the efficiency of the system, leading to more productivity.

Tips on How to hire the best React Native App Development Company

Now that you know about the importance of having react-native in your mobile apps, let us discuss the strategy that will help you get the best development team for your business.

1. Know your Objectives

React Native has made a significant impact on the hybrid mobile app development industry. This open-source framework allows businesses to develop superior, compatible, and efficient apps on android and ios platforms. Companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Tesla, and many more have already integrated this framework with their systems. But before implementing react-native in your business you must have a clear idea of your objectives. One of the key factors for a successful project is to have prior knowledge of your business requirements.

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2. Freelancers or Professional companies?

Although hiring a freelancer is a cost-effective option, there are also some limitations like lack of quality and shortage of time. Professional companies have extensive experience and extensive knowledge of various technologies. These companies regularly serve customers on a global scale, which ensures reliability of service. However, before hiring, you need to consider the following points:

  • Project Size and Budget
  • No of successful projects delivered
  • Productivity of company

3. Technical Skill

This is one of the most important things to consider before hiring a React Native App Development Company. Lack of technical skills results in an incomplete project which ultimately leads to loss of customers. Therefore before hiring a react native development team you must verify their technical backgrounds. Hiring a team having technical expertise in java/ swift is a plus point for your business.

React native app development

4. Financial Strength

After you have an idea of your targeted company’s technical background, the next step is to verify its financial strength. As you will be investing in this company for your project, it is a must point to do a financial analysis beforehand. Financial analysis helps in getting proper knowledge of the company’s profits, return on investments of other projects, and much more. You can do a financial verification by following methods:

  • By accessing the company’s website for information
  • From Various authentic third party sources

5. Availability

Hiring a react native development team is considered when the business owner wants his/her idea to be transformed into a compelling application. However, having an innovative idea can only be beneficial to businesses when it can be practically implemented without any errors. When the company finds a way to fix this problem, the solution users can easily be found in the process is as simple as a few clicks in the app. This solution is only beneficial for the businesses when the targeted development team is readily available for taking projects. Therefore you must focus on hiring only those companies that assign dedicated developers available for your project. It ensures unequivocal attention, leading to fewer errors and more efficient operation.

6. Communication

Constant communication is a key factor for a successful project. Good communication helps in building team trust so that everyone works together efficiently from start till the end of the project. Hence it is recommended that you should focus on hiring a company that can listen to your ideas and can freely suggest any improvements to them.

React native app development


Cross-Platform Apps have transformed the mobile app development world with its user-friendly interface and efficient performance. It supports the whole development phase – right from the design of the prototype to application and testing. With the right development team, you can develop mobile apps more quickly without losing quality or user experience.

At Phontinent Technologies, we provide various on-demand solutions to clients based in the USA, UAE, and India. We provide on-time delivery of projects at an affordable cost.

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Rachit Sharma
Rachit Sharma
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