Why Choose React Native For Mobile App Development?

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Why Choose React Native For Mobile App Development?

React native app development

React native app development

Introduced by Facebook in 2015, React Native is a mobile application framework and is the 14th most starred repository on GitHub. It builds a hierarchy of UI components to build the JavaScript code and is used to create applications to access platform feature like the phone camera, the user’s location, etc It also provides the support of copying the code base between iOS and Android and also provides the advantage of Live and Hot Reloading. It is almost likely that you have used it in your apps like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Skype, etc and the coding of the applications will still be done via React and Javascript. React Native provides us with an easy way to adapt the UI to the given platform’s needs.

React Native App Development

What are the advantages of React Native

Developing apps with React Native has many advantages. The reasons why people choose to React native to develop apps are:

  • Developing apps on React Native is time-saving as the developer does not require to write codes again for different platforms. One can easily develop an application for all the platforms with a single code base.
  • Developing apps on React Native can also reduce the development expense by 40 to 50%.
  •  The apps that are developed using React Native have great functionality like any other Native app and also the user interface that is developed with React native also functions flawlessly.
  • React Native has the potential to positively impact the product release cycle.
  • React Native is flexible since it is component-based, it allows a large amount of modularity. It can also be paired with any other library or framework of your choice.
  • React Native allows you to avail of the advantage of intelligent debugging tools and error reporting.
  • Apps that are developed on React Native also has the advantage of Instant live updates where the developers push the updates directly to the user’s phones instead of the app store update cycle.
  • React works separately from the main UI thread so that the application can maintain high performance without sacrificing the capability.
  • React Native is readable and is easy to learn since it relies on language fundamentals.
  • The most important advantage of building apps with React Native is that it provides Hot Reloading where the developer can implement changes while running the app and can view them instantly.
  • The developers who are accustomed to working on the Web with React, this means you can write mobile apps with the performance and look and feel of a native application while using familiar tools.
  • Developing apps on React Native offers third party integration, less memory usage, and smooth experience.
  • React Native provides you the capability to focus on all the backend and UI modules and features.
  • React Native translates the markup to real, native UI elements, leveraging existing means of rendering views on the platform that you are working with.
  • React Native represents an improvement in two other areas over normal mobile development: which are namely the developer experience and cross-platform development potential.

Disadvantages of React Native

React native is considered to be one of the best hybrid frameworks for mobile app development but it also has a few disadvantages which are mentioned below.

  • If the updates are added continuously, the application might slow down.
  • React Native does not allow us to analyze the errors easily and also takes a huge time in fixing them. Therefore, it is better to use native testing tools for verifying the errors.
  • Publishing an app might get difficult as your app sometimes might not be accepted by Google Play Store or Apple App Store, in case if it differs from their respective publishing policies.
React Native App Development Company

The Apps that are developed with React Native

Some of the famous apps that are developed with React Native are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Airbnb
  • Skype

For any business to grow and gain popularity among the people, everyone wants an app since they are easily accessible. But the toughest decision to make is that they can either have native apps with ‘awesome user experience’ or below average UI design apps that run on multiple platforms. Whatever the decision is the choice is yours. But what if we say that you can have an app that has both Awesome user experience and that also runs on multiple platforms. The solution is the React Native App Development.

Jayant Sharma
Jayant Sharma
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