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uber for packers and movers

Relocating and shifting to a different city or within the same town is a tedious task and requires time and vitality. There are many factors associated while moving from one place to another. The main concern will be the selection of the right packers and movers company. Apart from this, it includes the risk of getting thinks damaged, packing things, unboxing and labeling, and other necessary concerns.

According to an estimation, the revenue generated in the U.S. goods moving industry will amount to around 17,3 billion U.S. Dollars by 2023. So, investing in an on-demand uber for packers and mover app is worth it.

The main objective of developing a movers and packers app is to efficiently manage packing and shifting of goods, vehicles, office equipment, etc. This app also helps potential customers find your business exactly when they need you, within a few clicks.

What is Uber for Packers and Movers app?

The traditional ways of relocating always had people being insecure about their belongings. Uber for Packers and Movers app is an effectual way of booking the right professionals to help you shift safely. By developing an uber for packers and movers app, businessmen are making great profits out of it. This app brings multiple movers under one roof, which caters the users to choose the best that meets their requirements.

uber for packers and movers

Features of the movers and packers app:

The features are what attracts a customer towards using your app whenever required. Besides the basic features, personalized features are very beneficial, for it determines the quality of service and uniqueness of the app. These features make an app stand out in the market and deliver smooth operations. 

  • User Friendly: This is the most important, yet a necessary feature of any app, which implies the understandable functionalities of the app overall.
  • Multiple Payment Options: The feature is designed for the ease of payment and making it quick and secure for the customers as well as the movers by providing different payment methods like credit/debit cards, cash, and other payment wallets like PayPal and Paytm.
  • Multilanguage & Currency: If the app is to be operated in different countries and locations, adding multilingual features and currency options is a must so that neither the user nor the driver faces any problem while making transactions and also without any linguistic barrier.
  • Book Now or Schedule: This feature enables the customer to book or schedule orders as per their requirement.
  • 100% Customization: As mentioned above about the personalization of apps, it is way too beneficial as every business works under certain ethics or terms and conditions, so customizing an app according to the requirements of a business is a great approach to draw the attention of the customers.
  • Real-Time Tracking/God’s eye view: This feature helps in tracking the location of the vehicle and also for the driver to determine the user’s location.
  • Fare Calculation: It gives a rough estimate of the amount of the service requested by the customer.
  • Ratings And Reviews: In the competitive market, nowadays, referrals are no less than a blessing, and so is the feedback for a service. This feature allows the user to pick the perfect service provider as per their requirements according to the ratings and reviews of other clients.
  • Push Notification: This feature sends notifications about every activity, update, and other necessary information.

Components of the App:

The movers and packers app constitutes of three developments, namely the User panel, the Driver panel or the Service provider, and the Admin panel. The user panel is for the users to avail of the benefits of movers and packers service by requesting a survey through the app. The Driver panel is a mobile application for the service providers; the only assistance means to make the relocating complexities easy and trouble-free. The admin panel is a web development, for the titleholder of the business who can observe and control all the activities in the apps. 

uber for packers and movers
The services of an on-demand app for packers and movers:

Besides the features of an app, people look for the services that a business provides. Different people have different requirements which result in delivering different services. The primary purpose of the mover and packers app is the efficient way of handling both packing and moving goods to another place.

The other outstanding service of a mover and packers app are:

  • Professional packers and movers- The customers always look for expert packers and movers that provide safe and door to entry shifting with an assurance of quality service. Through the app, the users can book and schedule to move the household items, delicate products, and other essential things from one place to another. The experts reach the location, pack goods, and move them to the desired location, delivering the products safely and securely.
  • Packing with perfection: The job of packers is to wrap the goods adequately. Before the packaging of the goods, they review the things and outline how things are to be packed and moved. They systematically pack and move the products by using high-end packaging material like bubble wraps, multi-layer protection, and sturdy boxes according to the size and type. They take all the precautions to avoid the damage that might take place while transportation, due to rough roads or any other mishap.
  • Loading and unloading– The packers and movers have their expert team of dedicated workers. The experts are well known to all the traits and tactics required to pick and lift different kinds of goods like refrigerator, washing machine, and other heavyweight essentials ensuring no damage and making the changing complexities easy and trouble-free.
  • Transportation and warehousing- The packers and movers app provide the best options for transporting vehicles and all the essentials by utilizing distinctly engineered things bearers and trucks. Businesses can rely on such kind of app and services for warehousing facilities to manage office movables, equipment, essentials, and many more.
  • Value-added service like unpacking & rearranging–  Subsequently, the goods reach the destined location, they also serve in unpacking, rearranging and labeling things back again. 
  • Relocating office- It is not an easy task for a company to shift as it carries so much to do. This type of moving requires warehousing, cargo execution, and many more. Therefore, the right packers and movers app make it simple for them to shift gadgets and other office essentials, furniture, computers, file organizers, and other delicate material.

The uber for packers and movers app has grown tremendously in the past years. People are using professional services since they provide them a sense of security and professionalism in their work. Businessmen are investing in the development of such apps and gaining a lump sum amount of ROI. You too can surpass the competition of packers and movers app, and rise ahead. To develop such robust uber for packers and movers app with user engaging features with advanced technology, we serve you with the best solutions and give your dreams a gateway to supremacy.

Rachit Sharma
Rachit Sharma
iPhone Solution Architect Managing Director, Founder @ Phontinent Technologies.