E-Learning App Development Trends in 2021 that you must know

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E-Learning App Development Trends in 2021 that you must know

Elearning App Development

Digital transformation is enhancing almost every domain and the education sector is no exception. With schools, colleges and universities inclining towards digital platforms and mobile apps to impart education, there has been observed a great hike in the demand of e-learning app development services.

In this blog, we will consider the principal On-Demand E-Learning App Development trends to assist you with characterizing how you can improve learning in your association.

Elearning App Development

Benefits of E-Learning App

Learn Anytime

E-Learning apps empower course material and record conversations of instructors to be accessible nonstop on cell phones just as non-versatile renderings as well. There is a ton of study material accessible on a single gadget. Numerous applications additionally support offline learning where you can download the learning material to access in the future.


E-Learning has empowered studies situated in far-off areas to contact teachers at elite colleges at a truly sensible expense. With eLearning applications, each student can access quality education cost-productively.

Limitless Learning

E-Learning applications offer a variety of courses. You can become familiar with any course and potential outcomes are infinite.

Productive Engagement

Students can without much of a stretch find solutions to their doubts and questions, provide feedback to the educator, and communicate with many students. Quizzes and playing games to learn in an intelligent and fun manner is likewise conceivable.

Top E-Learning App Development Trends in 2021

Artificial Intelligence

The world’s AI in the education market is expected to increment to 3.68 billion by 2023, developing at a CAGR of 47% from 2018 to 2023. coming up with various advancements, artificial intelligence is perhaps the most fundamental E-learning trend for 2021-2025. AI can serve as a guide—an AI-empowered virtual facilitator—by providing students with the required data and immediately responding to their inquiries at any point in time. When assembling a mobile or web application, you can consolidate a chatbot that would lead as the part of personas and characters to help users acquire information quicker.

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality (MR) is one of the greatest e-learning industry patterns for the coming years. Joining Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), makes vivid client experiences that make studies easy and interesting. This is particularly significant for individuals who preferable see visual content over text based. There are numerous VR and AR use cases across various areas. In medical services, students can contemplate the human body with the help of mobile or web applications. To show science, you can utilize e-learning programming answers to picture the construction of Chemical bonds and materials.

Customized Learning

Customized user experience is one of the key e-learning patterns in 2021 and the past. Students who pass a similar preparation program are given various materials depending on their profile data and performance. An e-learning platform screens their development, abilities, and learnings through tests, distinguishing qualities, and weaknesses. With the development in technologies, teachers can easily monitor the progress of their students and help them in rectifying the mistakes and helping them to grow.

On-Demand Elearning App Development


Being perhaps the main e-learning app development trend, gamification has effectively gotten a norm of online studies. This procedure permits organizations to engage and motivate students by giving exciting gaming experiences. With different gamification methods, it improves the learning cycle, engages users, and urges them to get new abilities. Gaming components include badges, quizzes, tests, missions, and leader boards.


If it is said that ‘little is lovely,’ ‘short is straightforward, successful and useful as well, particularly concerning anything learning.’ Microlearning conveys the outcomes that Marco learning does not. The point Microlearning is commonly comprehensive with Macro learning. This learning technique shows itself as a feasible one to achieve the objectives of Macro learning. When compared with the long-winding, unanimated records of Macro learning, short lumps of the learning process help and are not difficult to process for your people.

Some Amazing Stats About E-Learning

According to Statista, the eLearning market is relied upon to develop by $243 billion by 2022. At the point when a Washington-based association Gallup directed an investigation, 71 percent of respondents affirmed that they could learn more effectively with eLearning applications in contrast with traditional strategies for educating. More than 60% of secondary school students in the USA prefer smart phones to look for study and preparing material.

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Types of E-Learning Apps

Vocabulary App

It can assist clients with improving vocabulary in numerous languages and learn various languages.

Test Preparation App

Such sorts of uses offer numerous kinds of test series and aptitude tests to assist studies with getting ready for different scholastic and serious tests.

Course Based Apps

These applications are intended to select studies in various courses. You can open more sections and courses dependent on the development of the students.

Virtual Classroom Apps

It empowers educators and students to associate progressively. Instructors can likewise utilize virtual whiteboards to clarify complex numerical issues and charts. Students can connect with instructors by sharing screens, voice notes, and talk messages. It additionally permits users to transfer past lectures on the app.

Best Elearning App Development Services

Final Words

Like any other organizations, educational institutions are additionally going through advanced change at a fast speed. Affordable cell phones and less expensive data are catalyzing the development of the E-learning market. Carefully associated students/guardians are searching for more moderate and effective learning services. For educational associations, it has become business basic to have solid, secure, and easy-to-understand E-learning applications.

At Phontinent Technologies, we offer the Best ELearning App development Services to tour clients based in the USA, UK, and India at affordable costs and timely delivery of projects to the customers.

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