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Fantasy League App Development

Online Fantasy cricket league is a trending topic in the current market, this is because people get the chance to build their team with real players and compete in the league with other teams. We get to earn rewards form such platforms and can win prizes, We compete with various teams who participate in that league and the winner will be decided based on the performance of the team, so more and more players of your team will perform the more is the chance to get rewards or points.

How it became Popular?

Cricket is not popular in Europe or western countries as cricket is a long duration game and in the fast-moving world people do not want their time to indulge for so long at a particular place, but the cricket has introduced a shorter format called T20 cricket which attracts youth towards it, as it brings thrilling games in a shorter time duration hence engage a large number of people towards it.
The other major reason for its popularity is that the International Cricket Council (ICC) has also put efforts for making the game popular. The committee has spent money on such a fantasy league promotion to make people attracted to sports. They have also become successful in doing so and gained a high viewership in recent tournaments and also spread cricket in different countries.

This Stats Represents the number of Internet users in the world

How to use the Fantasy Cricket League App?

  • The foremost task is to download the app and get registered on it and if you have already downloaded and registered then you can sign in on the app.
  • From here you need to select a league and then a match of that league to build your team.
  • Now you can build your team under my team’s option and can compete in leagues.
  • You can see the upcoming matches around the world under the Fixtures option.
  • To see your team status you need to go to Live option where you can see the stats of your team which you are currently playing with.

How to select a player for your team?

  • While selecting players your criteria should be of 5 batsmen and  3 bowlers, this is because bowlers performance depend on their economy and most of the time the economy will be high even though a bowler takes a wicket but gives more run than it may cause to your points, however, if a batsmen outs on duck it will also affect your points, but you would not find a batsmen out on duck on regular basis.
  • Now you can choose 3 allrounders, they would appear as a great asset. If they didn’t do well in one department they have a chance to perform in another department.
  • Also one of the major things is to notice the pitch report, whether the pitch is batsmen or bowler friendly according to that pick your player wisely.
  • You will get more points if the captain and vice-captain do well in-game captain’s points increase 2 times and vice-captain points increase 1.5 times.
  • Now while choosing a captain/vice-captain you need to be very specific, I suggest choose a batsman as your captain or vice-captain the reason is if a captain score 50 runs you will get 100 points and if a bowler takes 5 wickets you will get 100 points and bowler taking a 5 wicket is not very often.
This shows what number of Batsmen, Bowlers, and All-Rounders we should select

Want to develop Fantasy Cricket League App

How points are distributed:

Popularity Of Fantasy League

India is a cricket-loving nation and here people take cricket as a religion, as the shorter format of cricket attracts all the generation of people and this format brings thrilling encounters among the teams which pull the audience towards the game. This fantasy league provides the platforms for these audiences to build their team and compete, this involves the audiences personally as their respective teams are also performing in the virtual world. 
There are also some other major factors which also made fantasy league popular, one of the factors is smartphone accessibility every one has smartphones nowadays through which they can use fantasy league games app anywhere and anytime and also the boom in internet industry has also provided the internet facility to almost everyone and everywhere. 
Due to the huge response to this industry now big entrepreneurs are interested to invest in such a market as they provide a lot of return in the future. As the big ICC tournament is coming next year the race for most popular fantasy league app is also getting high and new companies are also turning to this industry.

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