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The on-demand market is unquestionably one of the most reliable ways to deliver goods and services. It assures us to cater to our basic needs like getting a taxi, freshly cooked meal, comfortable stay, and many more. Uber for anything, is the core concept of so many different ideas of on-demand startups these days. And on-demand tutor app is no exception. The potential of this on-demand thing is expanding exponentially and now reconstructing the education sector. The concept of providing tuitions at home is very common, but with the evolution of mobile apps, it has been redefined to a great extent. Students used to get complete attention earlier with a lesser number of schools and more teachers. Things are completely different these days. With increased awareness and population, the number of learners has been increased extensively which has also raised the burden on teachers. Having a mobile app for an educational startup lets students connect with educators and teachers and discuss their doubts. It also allows students to get immediate access to a variety of learning materials from the convenience of their home at their fingertips.

Businessmen are up for redefining education to make things seamless and more productive. They are exchanging the same old service but with a convenient, easy, and hands-on solutions.

The net valuation of the online education industry is estimated to reach $331 billion by 2025. According to market research for the on-demand apps, the online tutoring segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% in 2023. A statistical survey says that during the period 2014–2019, the world has seen an annual growth of 6.9% in terms of revenue comparatively. Countries like New York, Maryland, Arizona, Louisiana, and Florida have already improved their educational system through the e-learning program and several other nations seem to seek the community. This is all because of the convenience of on-demand distance learning. The education industry is currently witnessing a standard shift which is making students divert from traditional academics. It is resolving the queries of students who cannot find the right teacher but also engaging nearby tutors to get a source of income.

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on educational institutions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, billions of people are in a lockdown situation and the entire world is in an unhelpful condition. As per the report released by UNESCO, it said that almost 1.3 billion learners will be unable to continue with their learning, as of March 23, 2020. This data includes pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher secondary, and tertiary levels of learning. This pandemic will lead to major harm or good to the education system throughout the world.

Though children get time to play, alternately, they lose concentration in their subjects with the break seen in education. Even parents are much worried about this situation. To fulfill the gap and keep them active and ready, institutions should readjust to on-demand tutor apps to educate their students through an e-learning platform.

Core Features of online educational apps and Websites

With online sources, you can study anything from anywhere. Many nations across the world have started readjusting to the following digital resources to help students with learning and make it possible and reliable.

  • Google Classroom: It helps in online education for learners with sufficient supplies and notes.
  • Moodle: It serves as a global supporter and an accessible e-learning platform.
  • Byju’s: It is an easy education tool for any type of learner.
  • Khan Academy: It is an e-learning application with access to individual tools for tutors and parents to observe student’s growth.
  • Thinglink: This tool allows you can create multimedia resources for learning and education.
  • Nearpod: It helps you build informative, infographic, and interactive content.
  • EdPuzzle: This tool helps you design video lessons.
  • Whiz Tutor: It is an app that connects parents and students to skilled and individually assessed tutors nearby.

What are the advantages of developing an on-demand tutor app?

There are multiple advantages a businessman have while developing an on-demand tutor app.

  • You can expand your organization brand among the students
  • You can generate revenue by promoting similar educational materials or ads on your app through an on-demand tutor app development
  • It is a one-stop app for the students to get their queries solved by the skilled teachers
  • Schedule bookings with teachers as per their availability
  • You can integrate new features that will help the students and communicate directly like students can have various consultation modes with the teachers like text, voice, or video consultations.

How does the Tutor App work?

Any person who commences on the process of an on-demand tutor app development will say that the app is an Uber for tutors. It operates in a way that is quite similar to how Uber finds a taxi, but with a lot of complexities and filtration methods. Using the Tutor App, a student can request a teacher online at a time of their preference for a subject or topic in which they require assistance. The basic work of the app is that students can register themselves on the tutor app and select their topic or course and reach out to skilled tutors where teachers will provide answers via call, video, or chat and share files or notes and get paid instantly.

Components of the Tutor App Development

The on-demand tutor app is a great investment in the most growing education enterprise. The app eases the user to find a good tutor nearby while offering a set of opportunities to tutors: Basically, the app comprises of three developments. The User Application for the Students, The Tutor Application for the Tutors, and The Admin Panel for the admin or the owner of a business.

On-demand tutor

The User/Student Application

The student app provides an adequate platform that will give them access to an array of professors to help the students in their educational journey. The basic features of the User app are:

  • Direct & Social Media Login: The students can log in to a previously created account. Or else, they can sign up via. email or any social media account.
  • Home Screen: Under this section, the students can search the tutors as per the subject or course specifications that he is opting for and by applying various filters owing to their learning requirements. This feature gives an app a systematic search procedure and user-friendly navigation.
  • View the Tutor profile: The students can also view all the relevant details and the profile of the tutor such as course specifications, specialization, years of teaching experience, and much more.
  • Book a tutor: After checking the portfolio of a tutor, the students can book their tutors to start the discussions and courses as selected and drafted by the student.
  • Review the tutor- To win the trust of the students, make sure that the app has experienced and approved tutors. Allow the students to rate the tutors as per their knowledge, understanding, teaching, and quality of services received. The users can also review or post a comment according to the teaching abilities, time adherence, and behavior about the concerned tutor.
  • Solve problems with a picture: Integration of an in-app camera allows the students to ask questions by clicking and posting anything related to the subject which makes their job of asking their queries easy.
  • Chat with tutors: Extend the app technologically by integrating in-app messaging with the tutors. This feature will give the students the freedom to reach their teachers anytime via different in-app communication ways. The users can interact with the tutor about the various concerns such as timings, fees, and other details for making the learning more productive.
  • Post Requirement: As per the grades, courses, timings, and the subjects required to be learned, the students can also post their specifications for recognizing the relevant teacher.

The Tutor Application

This app helps tutors to interact with the students, to drive better results. This is a significant aspect of the development since this is where the tutors can list themselves to teach the students with certain certificates and specializations. The basic feature list of the tutor app are:

  • Profile set-up: It is the first step for the tutors to interact with the students, where the tutor can signup by providing all the necessary details. It has to have minor detailing like experience, certificates, work timelines, and review given by the institute or coaching classes too. The teachers can also signup via their social media account. 
  • Time updates: This feature allows the tutors to maintain their availability calendar for the students. This feature shows the available dates, book in advance dates as per exam programs, and many more. By integrating this you will curate a section for tutors, wherein they can adjust their timings. This feature also allows the tutor to reschedule their lectures if the tuitions timings clash.
  • Profile Setup: The tutor can set his/her profile like add a photo, add new specializations, and can log in with the social network or the email account credentials.
  • Accept/reject request: While developing an Uber-like app for tutors, it is very much important to enable the tutors to work as per their will. It improves the accessibility and quality of tutoring services with a precise schedule.
  • Earning: This key feature enables tutors to monitor their weekly or monthly earnings and track the fee status of various students. The payment gateway integration will also facilitate security and can also check the history of past payments from the online tutoring app development.
  • My Bookings: It enables the tutors to view and edit their past bookings and active booking plans respectively as required. They can quickly update the progress and completion of every lecture and render constant services on their part for new bookings.
  • Chat with Student: The tutor can interact with the students for solving their queries by sending them documents and notes, and can also update them with the change in timings schedules if arises and vice-versa.
The Admin Panel

Admin app helps you manage the user and tutor application developed for your business. This platform is for use by the administrators. It is the most important development because this equals the brains of the platform, from where the entire interface is created, operated, and updated. 

  • Efficient Analysis: All the users and tutors that are linked and availing of the services are analyzed and stored for maintaining a convenient track record as well as the web traffic. This renders the admins with an idea as to how many users the app generates within a certain period of time, which in turn influences how the app points its direction to gain more performance.
  • User Manager: This feature enables the admin to add, view, or delete a user as per requirement. The admin can also view the list of users and view their profiles individually. All the information regarding the students that are enrolled along with their subject selected and fee composition are controlled by the Admin.
  • Tutors Manager: The admin can manage the tutors that are registered with the app plus the services, experience, and course specialization are monitored under this category. The admin can also manually add a tutor and approve a tutor after the verification of the documents uploaded by the tutor.
  • Service Listing & Management: All the classifications whether for schools or colleges, courses, and the specialization offered are maintained and tracked by the Admin.
  • Reports & Earnings: The monthly or the weekly reports of the tutors and their earnings are checked as per the concerned rules and regulations to maintain an effective learning system.
  • Jobs Assignment & Manager: The complete tuition requests are managed by the Admin. Depending upon the program of the tutors for which the request is assigned, the admin can assign the request to the other tutors that are associated with the system.
How to Develop a tutor app for Students

The basic stages involved in developing an institutional app for any mobile or web-platform are described below. The developers can go through certain stages to do the base work for developing an e-learning app.

  • Designing the script for app development: This stage determines the working of the app and includes the primary functionalities of the app, the framework, etc.
  • Finalizing the app features: The best features define the scope and success of a particular app. The success scalability of an app depends on the features you build it with. You can choose basic and advanced features to make your app unique.
  • Launching of the app: After developing the app, the app has to undergo sufficient testing and make changes and fix the bugs if required and should be launched. If you have developed your app for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and many more then it is launched in those platforms at this final stage.
Technology Stack to develop an on-demand tutor app
Types of toolsMobile/back-end
SMS, Voice, and Phone VerificationNexmo, Twilio
PaymentsBraintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets
DatabaseMongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
Cloud EnvironmentAWS, Google, Azure
Realtime AnalyticsHadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
App Development Cost

The cost of developing an On-demand tutor mobile app begins from $15 to $200per hour for the full-stack app development. So, calculating all the overhead costs, an average can cost $6,000 to $30,000 for both the platforms (iOS and Android). Adding more features may raise the cost to $45,000. However, developing an app with the best features will surely conserve the top seat amongst the heavy competition existing out there.

So, whether you are a businessman or thinking of a startup idea, this post will surely answer most of the queries along with the features, technologies, and everything associated with the development of an On-demand Tutor App. If you have any queries regarding the development of a tutor app or you are thinking of developing an app like uber for tutors, feel free to reach us or fill in the form below for a quick response.

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