On-demand beauty services app development

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On-demand beauty services app development

Getting a good haircut from a professional is sometimes a big task, your preferred barber might not be available during your requirement. In these circumstances, the on-demand beauty services app like uber is a great help. It eases the way of scheduling an appointment. There’s isn’t a better example of an on-demand market than Uber. When it comes to the online ecosystem, on-demand services like Uber have worked as a thriving business model worldwide. The demand for on-demand services has ignited up tremendously, where services like salons, personal grooming, haircuts, etc. have enhanced the growth opportunities for salon startups and businesspeople.

The on-demand beauty services app trend is setting a new standard in the marketplace. On-demand apps connect the gaps between consumers and service providers. The uberization of salons and beauty services has drastically changed the beauty industry. People put plenty of their time and effort into their looks which has drawn a major rise in the numbers of salons and spas all around us. Stats say that the women spend around 3,756 U.S Dollars per year on beautifying their appearances, by applying products and by visiting the salons. To acquire the market in the salon business, you need to develop a mobile app for your business to grow. An on-demand beauty services app can be a game-changer for your business. 

Even if you operate a small-scale business, you will see the results. The on-demand beauty services app will act as a business management tool to get orders, interact with your clients, schedule appointments, or to plan a home visit to deliver on-demand beauty services. Whenever users request/book to have a haircut, manicure, or makeup it will search for available experts and their availability time slot for the service along with their charges would be displayed and users can select according to their requirements from the given options.

Benefits of developing an on-demand beauty services app:

Now, when you are developing the on-demand beauty service app, you get the power to gather all the beauty solutions under a single roof i.e. the mobile app, with the best price and variety of features. Developing an on-demand app like uber can serve and support your salon business very well.

  • Connect to the barbers and customers easily and straightforwardly – through the mobile app.
  • Link to the expert stylists or salon owners to make the services available on demand.
  • Easily accessible for the customers to avail of services at their preferred location.
  • Best User Experience
  • Cost-effective rates as compared to traditional services providers.
  • One roof for the Independent Professionals and experts to grow their reach.
  • Allowance of Cash Payment or other payment methods like Wallet and, Credit/Debit cards.
  • Special Offers at regular intervals to drive the user to request your services regularly.

Steps in Developing A Barber App

  • Market research

Start with, market research before the development of any app, and this process should be taken seriously. In the case of the on-demand beauty services app, there are several things that are to be taken on knowledge. Like, the discovery of new trends, customer support, useful app features, and others. There are many ways to perform market research, the best way is to conduct a survey based on the features you can introduce in your on-demand beauty services app. This research will help you polish the app idea and stand strong among the competitors.

  • Identify the User Requirements

The user’s problems are to be listed out and improved. The difficulties can be App installation, features and functionalities of the app, booking an appointment, making payment, and many more. The purpose of an on-demand beauty services app is to simplify the user experience and heal the pain points. It efficiently directs you to define the purpose of the app, which finally is to improve the user experience on the app.

  • Integrate the Essential Features

Phontinent Technologies has developed and deployed numerous apps with unique and user-friendly features and is identified as a leading app development company. The features are an important means to drive users to your app.

On-demand beauty services app

Features to be considered while developing an on-demand beauty services app

Some of the features of on-demand beauty services app that you can integrate into your app are:

  • Schedule an Appointment

To book an appointment, people usually have to visit the barber’s shop or make a phone call but it has been made easier just with an app. Users can book an appointment and you can manage them easily. 

  • Enhance Barber Portfolio

It’s not easy to find a good beautician, who is updated with upcoming trends and fits your search/requirement. This feature will allow the barbers to update their portfolios and progress in their profession. Users will avail of the advantage of this feature to find a suitable expert and barbers and the experts can showcase their work to gain more customers.

  • Offers and Loyalty Points

With this feature, you can create and notify your customers about the latest offers and discounts on a service easily through the app. The most clever part is that you can formulate a customer loyalty program, where the clients get loyalty points based on their spendings per visit and can redeem those points in the next billing for a particular service. This trick helps in engaging more customers and make them book the services frequently.

  • Photos and Videos program

This feature allows you to upload photos of trending hairstyles and hair color, and videos on these beauty treatments, from new nail art to manicure and pedicure to facials, massage, and hair coloring. Also, mention the price so that users can compare the price with other professionals before booking an appointment for any particular service.

  • Push notification

It is an essential feature for an on-demand beauty services app. Through this feature, the customer will be notified of the promotional offers, loyalty program, and launch of new services. Additionally, it will also send alerts to the users, if the user is not using your on-demand beauty services app for a long time. It can be used as a faithful brand recall for the customers and a smart characteristic of an on-demand beauty services app.

  •  Sign up with Social Media

This is the simplest and easy way of signing up into the app. It will help the user to connect with the on-demand beauty services app instantly. 

  • Payment Gateway Integration

The integration of payment gateways will provide the user with a facility to pay on the spot. You can integrate the common payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, and can also offer various payment options which include COD, eWallets, and net banking. 

What are the components of an on-demand beauty services app?

The on-demand beauty services app has three main developments, where the user app and the service provider app will be mobile applications that can be downloaded from the app store and play store and the admin panel is a web development I.e. the back-end to manage both the apps:

The User App: Through which customers can request a service or book an appointment (like getting a haircut, manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, spa, hair color treatment, or any other beauty service) with the professionals. The features of the User Panel are:

  • Register: Through this feature, the users can sign in or register into the User App with the help of social networks or the email addresses. To make it secure you can also integrate mobile verification through OTP.
  • Selection of stylist or salon: Here, the user can select from any of the options:  The first is that the users can select a professional beautician or a salon manually and can send the request and the next is that the database will automatically select an expert or professional beautician for the requested service.
  • View the Services: The users can view the list of services performed by a particular beautician and can book an appointment as required.
  • Schedule an appointment: The users can then request a booking regarding any services, where they can assign them a particular date and time to avail of the services.
  • Payment: Users can make payments to a service provider through integrated payment methods such as Credit or Debit card, Wallets, Net banking, etc.
  • Rate and Review: Through this, the users can view the ratings and reviews of the service providers, to book the stylist conveniently.
  • My Bookings: In this, the user can view the list of upcoming or scheduled bookings along with the details.
  • Booking History: Under this section, the users can view their past bookings and every single detail regarding the particular booking.
  • Packages: Here, the users can view the subscription packages of different services or combos such as facial and hair spa, manicure and pedicure, hair color and haircut, etc along with their rates.
  • Chats: Through this feature, the users can interact with their beautician or the service provider whenever required. This option will be available after the booking of the service until its completion.

The Salon/Barber App: This app allows barbers, beauticians, and other professionals to register in the app (which is to be approved by the admin) and provide services to the customers. The basic features of the service provider app are:

  • Register: The salon or a professional can register into the service provider app by providing their necessary certificates and email account credentials, which will be verified by the admin.
  • Manage catalog: The salon owner can showcase their portfolio here by sharing pictures and videos.
  • View bookings: The service provider can check the details of all the upcoming bookings requested by users with the date and time.
  • Past Bookings: Through this feature, the service provider can view all the details of the past bookings that were completed or canceled.
  • Accept/Reject/Re-schedule booking request: The service provider can accept, reject, or can re-schedule their bookings as per their availability and as per the user’s requirements.

The Admin Panel: This panel allows the admin to manage the applications and all the activities of the apps. From approving/verifying a professional to removing a user, to managing the payments, bookings, etc the admin has control over everything about the apps. The features of the admin panel are:

  • Manage User: All the users that are using the app will be managed by the admin. You can either add/delete a user whenever required. 
  • Manage Service provider: To manage all the experts and approve them according to their certificates.
  • Reports: To view all the stats related to bookings, payments, users, service providers, and other business operations.
  • Manage Payment: To manage all the payments and transactions.
  • Push notifications: To keep the users updated about the booking status, payments, and other deals and discounts.
Cost of Development of an on-demand beauty services app

When you are developing an on-demand beauty services app, then you should be aware of the different costs involved in the app development process. Some of the necessary elements that are involved in the cost of developing an app are:

Designs- An attractive and user-friendly design will help your app to stand out from the competition, which starts with wireframing and prototyping. It will provide you with an overview of the flow of the apps. 

Cost of Hiring a Developer– To proceed with the development of your on-demand beauty services app you will need an app development company, who will not only do the coding part but also provide you with the feedbacks of the app functionalities. 

The other important factors that affect the cost of On-demand beauty services app are:

  • Integration of the number of features and functionalities
  • Launching an app on the App Store
  • Privacy and Security of the apps, and many more.
How Phontinent Technologies Can Help You Develop the Best On-demand beauty services App?

Developing an app needs both in-depth knowledge and years of experience. With dedicated and expert developers, Creative designers, and intense analysis of tester is what makes Phontinent Technologies the best app development company. We have developed and deployed numerous On-demand apps like Car Wash,  Food Ordering, Laundry, Delivery Services app, and so on. We have a team of highly skilled Developers to craft your app ideas into the best on-demand app to provide the best services to people in their day to day lives.

Connect us or visit our website for more information on the development of an on-demand beauty services app.

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Rachit Sharma
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