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The on-demand app development works as a direct digital medium between a customer and a business. It is recognized as the fastest-growing service since technology simplifies and helps to fulfill all the needs of both the customers and the service providers. Just like Uber for cabs, Airbnb for hotels, and Zomato for food delivery, the on-demand app development allows users to order any kind of service without spending much time and effort to make anything happen. An on-demand app gives its users the comfort of availing different services, with ease as well as quality. The on-demand apps nowadays are reforming the lives of people with a faster, reliable, and easy-to-use platform, for a convenient procedure of any services. According to a report, the demand for on-demand mobile apps and websites will rise to a value of $335Billion by the year 2025. 22.4 million users are attracted yearly per business on the on-demand market. Another analysis states that the On-demand mobile app market annually spends around $57.6 billion to get real-time services and they are happy making the payment. The present status of the on-demand mobile app startup market is such that no matter what business you look towards, you will find a reliable on-demand app development company to make it achievable for you.


Types of on-demand app development

Over the past years, on-demand app development has earned a lot of popularity and a large number of user base depend on these apps to avail their instant services. As per research, $57.6 billion is spent annually by users on on-demand mobile app development.

  • Person to Person: With these on-demand apps, one user can interact with another user. For example, it can be on-demand apps to find a person to accomplish a job (babysitting, delivery person).
  • Business to Person: This is a well-known form of services like food delivery, fantasy sports, grocery delivery, and many more. These apps encourage small businesses to grow rapidly and gain a good customer base with potential buyers.
  • Business to Business: These solutions are developed for communication with other businesses, clients, or employees within the company.

The different types of on-demand apps for different services that companies used to cater to are:


The basic functionality of an On-demand app:

1. The user places a request.

2. App connects them with the dedicated service provider of the app.

3. The provider checks the request and accepts it.

4. Payment is authorized.

5. The provider delivers the service.

6. The customer confirms the delivery.

7. Payment is deducted.

Benefits of an on-demand app development

The excellence of on-demand apps is that they convey in within no time and it is reliable. The entire system is observed from the get till conveying the item and that is why the on-demand app comes into the scene. To gain success in any field you should analyze the customer needs and offer solutions accordingly. Besides, you should study the possibilities and technology at your end to provide your clients with the best facilities.

The key benefit of the on-demand services is the possibility for the consumer to get everything he needs any time, anywhere, and most conveniently without even going out, but with just a few clicks on their phone. Technology makes it feasible for the services to become instant and available 24/7 and the major role in the process goes to mobile apps, which are the most essential tool of modern business.

  • Build a Strong Customer Base
  • Availability on any device like Smartphones and tablets
  • Assist Companies with Virtual Office for Representatives
  • Ease Customer Relationships
  • It Can Help In Attracting Investors
  • Help Companies Contend in the Market
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Inspire Business Innovation
  • Ideal For All Kinds Of Business Enterprises
  • It Can Help To Gain More Business Opportunities
On-demand app development

How To Launch An On-Demand App

Some of the top tips and tricks that you can implement to grow your on-demand apps in the market are:

  1. Start locally: It’s always safer to test the waters first, after the launch of an app identify your weak spots, and fix them when the scale isn’t large, and when things are still under your control. A smaller area is easier to manage, as well as the issues can be fixed progressively.
  2. Determine your target audience: Deciding and determining a target audience for the digital product is a necessary step on your way to a successful app. Develop and work on such an app that should be a perfect fit for anyone using a smartphone and should be beneficial for everyone who downloads it. 
  3. Encourage loyalty, not demand it: To win consumer trust and loyalty it requires time. Setting up a referral program for the users will be beneficial in this case. Be fair to people who share their positive encounter with the app, and be much attentive to those who weren’t fully content. Also, be ready to users comparing your app to the business titans, and not always in your support. A positive brand image and reputation is what matters if you have long-term strategies for the digital market.
  4. Be careful what you wish for: Pursuing strategical growth isn’t similar to a prosperous launch, and the fact you’re playing on a smaller range doesn’t depreciate your product. Once you have smoothed the service distribution in your primary area, you can start acknowledging services at a larger range. Just remember that it requires extra funds and more people serving for the platform.
  5. Work on what holds your app: Although brand image, high-performance app, and spontaneous and eye-catching designs are very important but at the end of the day, users are the most important resources of any business. The success of an application partially depends on how trained are the couriers, how observant are customer support agents, as well as all the others operating for your product in any manner.

Components of On-demand app development

Whatever service an app provides the basic on-demand app has three user roles. The user app, the vendor app, or the service provider app and the admin panel.

  • User Panel– This panel is used by the user. From the sign in to conversion, the app needs to be user-friendly so that it is easy for the user to understand and operate the app.
  • Service provider Panel– This panel is used by service providers to manage profiles, categories, subcategories, earning, uploading and deleting products, editing details, accepting and rejecting the request of products, and much more. This panel makes you handle your store/service easily and systematically. There are more than 50% of service providers who state that on-demand apps have boosted their total income in a year.
  • Admin panel– This panel helps to easily manage your entire on-demand service. This allows the admin to manage the profile of users, earnings, and statistical reports, tracking all active users with their geo-location, app settings, etc. All this work is managed through a dashboard. These are essential things to manage for better management.

Features of On-demand app development

To gain a good user base and customer loyalty the on-demand app development should render services as per the interests and requirements of the consumers. Versatility is the first solution. The user should get what he needs from your app and customer support is required for a better user base. Technology Integration should be flawless to give a better user experience. A genuine pricing policy is important for the app’s commercial worth. The user engagement depends on the app’s features and facility and keeps the hold of the audience. The basic features of the overall on-demand development are:

  • Quick Registration- This interface provides a simple and quick registration process with all the necessary details.
  • Push notification– This interface will send the real-time notifications of every activity to all the users i.e. the customers, service providers, and admin.
  • Messaging– To chat whenever required regarding anything.
  • Real-time tracking:- This feature enables us to detect the status of any order or service in real-time.
  • Payment system– Payment is a significant part of On-Demand Services. Ensuring the payment system to be fast, secure, and reliable via integrations of Stripe, PayPal, Paytm, and many more.
  • Help and support– Help & Support feature to solve the case of queries. It improves user experience by solving their problems.
  • History– Service expert and users can view all their upcoming, completed, canceled, allotted orders in one place.
  • Dashboard– The dashboard provides easy navigation and manages different sections of service providers and users efficiently. It should be User-friendly for better Site Management.
  • Manage users– Admin has the responsibility to manage all customer’s activity from payments, discounts, cancellation charges to solving any query.
  • Manage service provider– Here, the Admin can manage all service provider’s activity from incentives, earning to penalties.
  • Manage pricing and commissions– Admin can manage pricing counting on the demand. And also, you’ll be able to set the commission charges which can ensure smooth transactions and drivers’ portion.
  • Analytics & reports– This feature provides information like no. of services availed, canceled, and repeated. And also, realize which section of the business is doing well and which one is struggling.
Why Should You Choose On-demand App development for Your Business?

On-Demand apps are a gateway to new business opportunities for all types of enterprises. Most business owners, from small to large enterprises are focussing on on-demand mobile applications. They believe that the mobile application is providing a rise in their business growth. On-demand App Development offers major benefits to both you and your customers. Booking a cab or ordering food has become easy with on-demand apps.

On-demand App Development Cost

The on-demand app development cost is different for every project according to the integration of functionalities and your list of requirements.

The main aspects that affect budget include:

  • Features to be realized
  • The complexity of the design
  • Technologies used
  • Platform an app is created for

But on a rough scale, the development of an on-demand app might range from as low as $3000 to $30000 and more, which is calculated accordingly.


In a time of “purchase now”, it is important for a business to make their items and policies accessible through a mobile application across various stages. On-Demand app services are on the peak, which can be a bigger chance to rule the on-demand app sector. To reach the market quickly while keeping your budget optimized, our on-Demand App development for your business will the right decision. Phontinent technologies offer an affordable service that helps your business to grow faster and deliver excellent services to customers across all industries and businesses.

If you are thinking of expanding your business and gain a huge customer base with the development of an on-demand application, you can fill the form below and request a demo regarding any kind of on-demand app.

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