Behind the scenes of Mobile App Development Process

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14th September 2020
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Behind the scenes of Mobile App Development Process



Often we only know the end product of any business based on which it is dependent. As consumers, we are only interested in the final product and never bothered what goes on behind the scenes. Have you ever given a thought about the ‘Mobile App development process’? Almost 90% of users will never be bothered to know about it.

By 2021, it is estimated that the mobile app development process would reach around 6.3 trillion in the economy. By 2021 the usage of mobile applications will be the highest. Apps have become best friends of humans. Apps have got the world within our reach, where people from various countries can connect just on the touch of our cell phone screens. Big businesses are resorting to app services only to penetrate the consumer market and to promote their product. Smartphones have revolutionized the way business is being done today. Booking a travel ticket? Worry not!

Be it travel firms for booking tickets or arranging accommodation, ordering food or buying groceries, and paying utility bills; the ‘mobile app development process ‘ has captured every sector. The ease of doing business has evolved, which is beneficial for the client and business owners.


Gone are those ‘ good old days’ where business was ‘give and take. ‘ Today, business is much more than pure a way to make a profit .alot of aspects are involved. Bringing that idea to reality, marketing it, promoting it, and then selling it. APPS are a medium or a tool via which the business entity can market their product to a much larger audience than they ever could. It helps in penetrating the business market. You could call them another tool for marketing. With a hectic routine, people have often become constrained with their schedule, and stepping out on weekends is what most people usually avoid. 

The mobile app development process has stepped in to revolutionize the way of modern-day consumerism and business. The banking sector was the second to enter app development where they went the extra mile to gain their customers’ trust and simultaneously gave them the flexibility to monitor their accounts every day without having to visit the branch office. When people used to visit banks physically and wait in those queues to transfer money to their relatives, there was a time when people used to visit banks. Often it was a sight not to be missed, mostly when the bank servers were down, taking hours to resume the services. The consumer was always at the receiving end where he had to wait hours only to be turned away by the cashier in Indian local language ‘ Server band hai, Kal Aana ‘ which meant servers are down kindly visit tomorrow. 

The agonizing look on the customer’s face spoke a thousand words. All efforts went futile, which also meant more conveyance time, money, and effort to wash down the drain. This overall started impacting the reputation of banks where some banks became notorious for ‘ maintenance issues. ‘ A bad reputation for banks meant fewer customers, fewer transactions, less deposit, and less profitability for the banking sector.

As banks adapted to the new system, the ease of doing business became easy. As banks switched to the ” App mode, ” more and more consumers started using those apps. Today all thanks to the mobile app development process, you can transfer money to your relatives and loved ones within minutes. If pre-COVID -19, mobile banking apps’ usage was common, then during the lockdowns, it was the most preferred way of doing transactions. ‘Cash’ was considered to be a carrier of transmission, which was a debate, but it did create an impact on the monetary transaction. People switched from cash to cashless. Banks, too, changed from physical forms for opening accounts to an online procedure. 

Even the verification process changed where everything was done online and via APPS and with ease. In a way, we could say that ‘APPS ‘ helped prevent casualties in the initial days of lockdown as many consumers preferred to stay at home and resorted to buying stuff online. Senior citizens too benefitted from this as they were most susceptible to the virus, mobile apps made it easier for them. The worldwide governments introduced apps that helped the citizens in case of an emergency. Some of the APPS helped civilians, where doctors from different specializations came on the same platform and participated in giving consultation to patients regarding any other ailment apart from COVID-19.

Times like these have only made us much more aware and closer to technology. In the immediate future, who knows, the whole way of doing business wil shift completely to ‘ ONLINE ‘ mode. 

Often ‘technology‘ comes at a price and is not cheap. So is the ‘ Mobile app development process ‘ Them apps may look smaller in size, but a whole lot of planning goes into its development. A thoughtful and step-by-step initiative is needed to reap the desired results. 

Let us understand in detail as to how ‘the mobile application development process functions. 

Woopie, I have got an Idea

You may call it the eureka or aha! A moment where every entrepreneur gets those brainstorming ideas. The basic of the mobile app development process begins with an idea. Kindly remember that thousands of apps are created every year, but only 0.01 % make it to the top where they are successful and generate revenue via ‘monetization. ‘ USP is what would matter. The idea of the app should be based on consumer needs . ‘solve the problem, and there you have a business ‘ is the mantra for a successful business. If your idea serves no solution building, it will not be viable in the long term. 

  • Identification- So you got an idea, how about identifying the needs. Before the mobile app development process begins identifying certain conditions is important.
  • Consumer Market-Who is going to be the target audience? How much percentage of the population will be interested in the app? The app development process should be done, keeping the need of the consumers in mind.
  • Platform- iOS, Android, or windows? Or is it going to be available on all platforms? Choosing the right platform in the mobile application development process would matter too. Kindly keep in mind, every platform has its pros & cons.
  • Competition– One needs to survey business competitors, which could give your product a run for the money. Every entrepreneur is either overconfident or has no confidence. Many people over evaluate their product and loose to their competition. Before creating that app, a survey is essential.
  • Investment- Every business depends on investment. APP development is expensive and requires a good chunk of investment. Before you invest money into the app development process, you have done necessary surveys and background checks.
  • Marketing- Even great product needs marketing. How will you promote the app? The mobile application development process is one thing: selling it and generating revenue is another. No matter how great your app is, but it would still require a budget for marketing.


In any mobile app development process, the design is dependent on UI/UX. UI(user interface ) often the part where the user would get in touch with when the app opens. The visual part or the front part of the app. UX (user experience ) often refers to the usage or experience while using the app. The functions, the notifications, the ease or complexity depends on this factor. 

Mockups often determine how the app would function. A prototype would show how the app works. A prototype is a first model of creation rather than a demo of how the actual app would function. A prototype can be used to understand better how the app would look visually, how it will work in reality, and how the user experience feedback from the finished product. It takes time to build a prototype, but suitable changes can be made through it, and glitches can be removed.



The coding and the shape formation of the app begin at this stage. The mobile app development process can be divided into three parts.

  • API

QA & Testing

Testing is a vital part of the mobile app development process. App quality can be decided via this process whether the app is good or bad, and does it contain any errors or malfunctions, if any, then these can be removed during the testing period. Checking of app functionality is determined along with its performance. How well the app reacts to touch, how much time it takes to connect, how quickly it responds etc. is checked.


Submission of the App

App play stores like ‘google and apple, ‘which deal in platforms like iOS and Android, need to be submitted with those apps for listing. Guidelines need to be followed only; then the app would be available on these play stores.

Marketing and Promotion

Monetization of App is not possible without a great marketing idea or company. Special marketing agencies are responsible for promotional activities of products. After months of hard work, investment, and a great product in hand, all would go waste if the app is not appropriately marketed, and the monetization does not happen. Every big brand requires marketing and promotion, and the mobile application development process is no different.



All goes well until the app faces a bug, a glitch, or a significant issue that the users face on their end. What next? Worry not! Let the maintenance team take care of your needs. Every mobile app development process has a maintenance team that would take care of the errors. A long delay in solving the error means a bad reputation and loss of consumers and revenue. Ever faced this error ‘server is down, try later ‘ well, maybe you had an important work to do, and last moment issues like these would only annoy you. It’s the job of the maintenance team to keep things working smoothly behind the scenes.


The mobile application development process has a bright future and especially for those who see technology as the future. very soon, the future would be more in our palms with more advancement taking over. The mobile app development process has just scratched the surface; there is a lot to be discovered yet.

Jayant Sharma
Jayant Sharma
Managing Director, Founder @ Phontinent Technologies