On-demand job portal app development- Cost and Features

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29th July 2020
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On-demand job portal app development- Cost and Features

job portal app development

job portal app development

Job seeking after studies become a greater hindrance for youths around the world. In recent days job searching is concentrated on mobile phones and other devices with a job portal app development. There are drastic changes globally due to the powerful tool, the internet. The process of accessing information, connecting with people is changed. In recent years the job sector has a big leap because many large companies adopted new means of hiring people. Using technology for hiring people made them accessing the necessary skills without wasting their time. By taking the example of job search app development like ‘glassdoor’ claims to give all the information plus all the jobs in one space. Glassdoor claims to help 45 million people for finding the right jobs for them next to LinkedIn and indeed.

Indeed is one of the top-rated job search app development together with Linkedin. They claim to have a traffic of about 25 crores and have a large job searching database. It can access millions of jobs from thousands of companies across the world. It is available in around 28 languages among 50 countries. These kinds of job portal app act as a link between recruiters and those who are seeking jobs. However, some major job search app lacks specific filters that could have made the search intent beneficial. Also, some students have only a vague idea about their specific career, this should become a reason for recruiters hiring wrong people. During this changing arena, job-seeking platforms must imply skills rather than numbers. Because of this, an on-demand job search app development can be able to produce quality candidates list with enough information.

The on-demand job portal app is complex, but with enough database, it can increase the clients.

Features to be considered for an on-demand job search app

Like any other application, it should be user friendly. Job seekers now days do not prefer to fill lengthy forms, they also do not prefer endless steps for applying for one job. Who did have time for all these during this cyber age? Everyone is seeking the easiest ways for getting their job done.

There are mainly two types of users for a job search app development. Front-end users and back-end users. Front-end users are mainly job seekers, students, and recruiters. Back-end users consist of an admin panel for the application for controlling the traffic of the database, they have immense duties.

There are some features that make an application user friendly.

  • Crystal clear presentation style

The application needs to use a crystal clear presentation style where a user can read the interphase while doing any other physical work. The links and buttons are big enough to press.

  • Easy and user-friendly interface

The application needs to be easy as it doesn’t need lengthy guidelines to understand it. Intuitive user experience is a must.

  • Design

Design is an important factor that allows the application to achieve its purpose. Good design is obvious, great design is transparent. Decluttering the interface can increase user experience. Using a minimal color range is useful.

  • Response to the users

Responsiveness is unavoidable. Speed is important in all apps. If the command did not work out fast, users may be disappointed.

  • Non-obtrusive in-app purchases.

The offering of in-app purchases prompts the costumers for paying. Intrusive ads and pop-up’s, lack of social media connectivity are bigger disadvantages of an application.

job portal app development

The search option is an important feature in an application. A job portal app should be able to search for jobs by skills and names of companies.

Many of the students who are searching for jobs have only vague knowledge about their career options. They are unaware of which careers suit them best. So searching with their respective skills should shortlist suitable jobs for them. 

Another major feature of the job portal app development is it should have a CV or resume creation option together with uploading the documents. Many job seekers are new in that field they need not know the proper format of making a resume and a cover letter.

Seekers would love a hassle-free application style. Anyone in this world would not love to go through many steps of application. So the flow of applications should be controlled. One step is necessary to provide the job seeker information to the recruiter. Filters should make the search and the flow less hard. Job suggestions are prioritized based on many filters like location, educational qualification, skills, Place of interest for working, salary range, mode of working, and type of jobs, and many more.

Many job seekers are looking forward to working with the best companies. Many of them want to stay updated about the vacancies related to their qualification. No matter the category of user there should be a job alert option with the application, so they can stay updated about the vacancies. Putting a job alert option makes the application once again consumer-friendly.

There should be a marking option. People love to scroll down for better things. If the user does not want to consider one notification at that time it should be marked. Bookmarks make an application user appropriate for every user. The share option is also better. If anyone wants to suggest particular job notification to their dear ones it should help. It can be shared through various social media messaging platforms like Whatsapp, telegram, and mail as links that could direct to app.

Tasks of recruiting panel of a job search app  development

  • The recruiting panel should be regular with posting their vacancies.

The job portal app development should provide the recruiters with an easy using dashboard feature, so they can post the vacancies without delay. The job description must include all, it should previously set. Like the job description must include salary bar, experience required, skills required, duties in detail. They must provide all valid information about the designation.

  • Editing of added information.

The information added to the dashboard is prone to changes done by recruiters. Once the applicants are shortlisted they should invite for further procedures. The job invite option must be simple and specific. It should appear as pop up messages on the candidate device. If the position is important in the company, it should be addressed seriously. Recruiters can reach the candidate on their mail id. Companies or recruiters can prioritize resumes with their needs. There must be an option for downloading selected resumes.

Management of employer profile and maintaining quality are tasks for the admin of application. Quality is important that keep costumers away from fraud. Fake job enlisting should be eliminated rapidly. Admin should have certain guidelines about the recruiter companies. Employers check that details provided are handy and accurate to the minute level.

Job alerts are a lot in number, it should be managed with accuracy. Management of job alerts will clear the traffic. Also using social media for alerts should be beneficial, considering the greater usage of social media nowadays.

Editing options could be beneficial for managing the candidate profile. Make sure that the recruiter can obtain all information with a touch. There should be in-app scheduling of interviews or further process.

Advanced features

  • The in-app chatting option must be there, as easy as using social media. Chatting option must be user friendly. 
  • If the users want to know the track of progress, there must be an application tracking option would be nice. Application tracking is important both in recruiters and job seeker’s perspective.
  • If the application is upgraded, the user must get the notification accurately. Upgrading must be an easy method also it must go well with the device interface.
  • Cloud management will greatly help the storage of data. 
  • There should be an option to know if the vacancy is filled already and the number of applicants to the particular designation.

Job portal app development reduces the amount of time people spend on filling lengthy, bulky forms and ordering a complex set of certificates. The on-demand job portal app development makes these processes simple like the touch of a finger. 

Challenges during the development of an application

The idea of the job portal app development is not new. There are several apps with great feedbacks that are there in this field. An engaging idea should be there during application development. Research and constant market study are inevitable in this field. Because there is a lot of competition happening in the app market place.

There are several queries to be answered during the development of an application for getting better feedback and app revenue.

  1. Is the idea of a job portal app development engaging and relevant?
  2. Would this app fulfill the flaws of the app that are already in the market?
  3. Will your app will satisfy the targeted audience?
  4. The similarity to a recently launched application

By addressing all the queries one can build a successful app.

job portal app development
Cost of an on-demand job portal app development

Having a sufficient economy is also important during a job portal app development. The building of an application is a costly process. The cost of application may cost thousands of dollars. So, when establishing the objectives and aims of the app, developers also should address the necessary budget for app development. Some angel investors from family or friends would help when we are not able to fund the application development. Crowdfunding through third party programs may help.

  • Launching the app on multiple platform use may be hectic. People are using various kinds of smartphones, so the developers could address the necessary precautions. Developers have to deal with the differences in size and type of device people use. There are about 2.3 billion people around the world using Android phone, 1.4 billion people use apple devices 14 million people use blackberry devices.
  • The selection of the right software development life cycle is important. Choosing the right model is a bit difficult process, so the developer should think straight. The development team with high-level objectives would follow this software development life cycle to meet it. They intend to meet all the desired objectives for the application, creation of a software system work effectively and efficiently also it should easy to make it work in a future IT environment and maintaining and upgrading of such software system must be an easy process.
  • Forming the right development team is always a challenging process. In the case of a team for a job portal app development, it should consist of a marketing professional. The professional should do all the necessary researches in the field, they able to know up and downs in the market place. Statistical analytics professionals should be there he able to know trends in job seeking and able to predict changes in job-seeking ways.
  • Choosing the desired software architecture pattern is important. Architectural patterns may be micro or macro. It is different for a heavy-duty app and a light one. In the case of the job portal development, it should have an enormous database. Software architectural patterns must able to control the enormous database in a job searching platform.
  • Finding a cross-platform service. The application should able to perform on multiple platforms. The development team should find the right managed cloud services for the application. It manages networking, cloud infrastructure, operating system, and run time environments.
  • There must be a mobile backend as a service during the development of an application. One of the challenges in mobile application development is the development and ongoing management of mobile back end services. Most of the app developers only prioritize UI or UX there are not concerned about the other challenges occurring. Allowing the usage of mobile backend offloads the backend part. Complexities faced due to the difference in devices and sizes are addressed by the mobile backend as a service technology. It also provides endless cloud infrastructure and storage.

A perfect job portal app development is a tough process, it has to overcome more constraints and it may take months to years. But better planning and intense work get good results. The development of an apt application may change many lives. Hunting for a job after study is the most stressful barrier in a lifetime. For large companies, the HR manager has to go through countless resumes and CVs to find a suitable candidate. This immense workload can be reduced by a job portal app development with the best properties. By coming years job search become the business of technology with a load of resumes, salary negotiations streamlined to help job seekers. A unique app idea could save a lot of time.

Jayant Sharma
Jayant Sharma
Managing Director, Founder @ Phontinent Technologies