How much does it cost to build on-demand Car Wash App?

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How much does it cost to build on-demand Car Wash App?

On-demand car wash app

Just like every other online service application such as Uber, Zomato or Amazon that provides services like booking a cab, ordering food or shopping around the world, a car wash service app is an emerging interest for the business and also the developers. People residing in the big towns and cities usually do not get enough time to go for a car wash, wait there, make payments and get into chaos. Therefore, the solution is a Car wash service application that provides hassle-free car wash just by booking as per their desired timings and availability for a car wash. We are providing detailed information on car wash app development services.

How To Develop A Car Wash Service App?

When your cars get dirty and you do not have enough time, hassle-free car wash is just a tap away. All that is to be done is that the user will book a car wash service package, upload the desired timings and location, get the confirmation of the service from the service provider and make the payment. As per any service provider app there are three basic parts of it: The first and second parts being the User panel and the Service provider panel where the customer/consumer will book and accept the services respectively, and the third is the Admin panel to monitor all the activities, payments, etc

Basics Features of The User Panel

The User panel is an application for the customers or the users to avail of the services for a car wash.

  • Registration and login: The registration process consists of the User’s basic information like Name, Email ID, Phone number, or sign up via. Facebook or Google account.
  • Location: Through this, the user will have to pick and set a location to find the nearby car wash service provider.
  • Booking: This allows the user to book the service as per their desired packages with various services.
  • Price and calculation: Through this, the user can get an estimate of the price after selecting the desired package.
  • Payments: This includes payments through various modes like cash, debit/credit cards, or different payment wallets.
  • Notifications: This will send notifications about the service provider’s live status.
  • Contact information: This will give a basic detail about the service provider like the name and the contact number.
  • Messaging: This is an inbuilt messenger to communicate directly to the service provider.
  • Consumer feedback: This feature will record the reviews of the customer about the service provider and the queries on the app.
  • Booking history: It provides the details past booking history.

Basic features of The Service Provider Panel

The Service provider panel is basically the application for the various service providers to provide hassle-free car wash as per the requirements of the consumers.

  • Registration, Login & Verification: Similar to the user’s panel the Service provider has to register and login but one more feature is added to avoid fraud i.e. the verification of the service provider as ‘certified/verified’ that is to be done from the admin side.
  • Navigation: Through this feature, the service provider can reach the user’s location.
  • Notifications: This will send notifications about the service requested, location, payments, etc
  • Consumer information: This contains the details of the consumer like the name and their phone numbers.
  • Service history and total earnings: It provides every detail of the services rendered and the total earnings made in a day, week, month, etc
  • Messaging: This will help the service provider to message or communicate with the consumer if required.


The Admin Panel

The admin panel is a web development to monitor or to manage both the apps and operate with both the users and the service providers.

Its features include:

  • Login: The admin will be able to login to the applications by providing the right combination of login credentials.
  • User/Customer Management: Through this, the admin will be able to look over the profiles of the users or the customers and make any amendments if required.
    • Edit customer
    • View customer
    • Delete customer
    • View customer orders
    • View customer invoices
    • Activate/Deactivate customers
  • Service provider management: It will make the admin go through the profiles of the service providers and make necessary amendments as per the filtration, search, listing, and ratings made by the customers.
    • Create/Verify service provider
    • View service provider
    • Delete service provider
    • Assign service provider to branch
    • View service provider vacancies
    • Activate/Deactivate service providers
    • Working times
    • View/Edit working times of the service provider
    • Delete working time
  • Dashboard: Admin can monitor the jobs, upcoming bookings, basics of all the statistics like total no. Of completed booking, no. Of canceled bookings, etc
  • Branch management: Through this, the admin can manage the branches and offices around.
    • Create a branch
    • Edit branch
    • View branch
    • Delete branch
  • Order/Booking management: Through this section, the admin would be able to access all the canceled and complete bookings.
  • Content manager: The admin will be able to manage the content of the mobile screen.
    • FAQ
    • Privacy policy
    • Terms & Conditions
  • Invoice Manager: This includes the payment methods like card, cash or wallets as per the demand in a particular area.
  • Reports: This will contain the statistics of the bookings per day like the bookings per service provider, bookings per day and zone, etc
  • Country manager: It will help the admin manage the country and city via. Language, a list with search, filtration, etc
  • Rate card manager: Through this, the admin will be able to manage the rate card as per the service rendered by the provider and location.

Cost of Developing A Car Wash App

The cost of developing an app for a car wash service depends on various factors. Since developing an app of such level requires mobile/web interfaces, the cost also depends on which platforms you are going to introduce your app in the market, if you are introducing on both android and iOS platforms then the development cost will be more as compared to the single platform development. The development cost will also vary according to the number of features you are going to introduce in your app. 

The cost of on-demand car wash app development services can go from $4000 – $20000. It all depends on the number of functionalities you add to your application.


Admin Panel $1500
User App $1000
Driver App $2000
Design $1400
API Development $2000
Total $7900


The above information is a complete detail of the things required to develop a car wash app. Besides this, it also mentioned about how the app works and the amount and time required to develop a good car wash service app. For more information on a car wash service app, you can reach us and we will provide you the best development solutions regarding this, with the help of our experts. We provide versatile and effective Mobile App Development solutions for your business.

Rachit Sharma
Rachit Sharma
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