How To Develop Your Own Event Management App?

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How To Develop Your Own Event Management App?

event management app

event management app

An event is often the highlight of one’s life. Whether it is a Birthday party, Wedding or any other important event of your life which needs to be celebrated, no one wants it to go wrong in any way. And to help you make that event possible like it will happen once in a lifetime there are event managers. Firstly, before discussing the development of an event management app in the technical term we need to know what an event management app actually does?

Nowadays there is no such industry that hasn’t used apps to boost their revenue. Same is the event management sector where the development of an event management apps is rapidly increasing in the market. Either it be A party planner who works with their clients individually or the Event organizers who organize different events or A businessman who wants to expand his business all are using their own personalized apps of event management to get their work easy and manage the events easily.

An event management app will help you to uplift your income as well as manage an event easily with fewer complications and less chaos.

What Are The Components Of The Event Management Solution?

The Event Management solution is a customized app for event managers, party planners, etc. It comprises of two developments. One is the User application which is developed for the users to operate it on mobile phones. The other development is the Admin panel through which the event managers can manage their clients easily and also monitor and manage the users.

Basic Features Of The Event Management App

Features are something that makes an app different from other existing apps that are competing for the market.

Through an event management app not only you will be able to manage your clients but also it will help you in many different ways.

  • The user can book an event as per the requirement.
  • Easy budget management and material management.
  • In-built messenger to communicate with the clients.
  • Hassle-free payment methods.
  • No or less chaos while planning and managing the events.
  • Time-saving and cost-effective.
  • Smooth execution.

After the brief description of why you should develop your own event management app its also important to know about the features that are available in each of the panels of the event management solution.

event management app

The User Application

The User Application is a mobile application developed for the users through which they can book the events along with their budget, requirements and all the necessary details that will make it a complete event.

The Basic Features Of The User Application are:

  • Registration and Login: The registration process consists of the User’s basic details like the Name, Email id, Phone number, or the user can also sign up via. Different social accounts of your choice and one more feature is added which is the OTP confirmation from the device of the user.
  • Home Screen: This feature enables the user to browse the event feed and he can also view the list of events that the company manages or the user can also add a customized event as per the requirement.
  • Booking: In this feature, the user will be able to select and book the event according to the requirements and mention all the customization they want in their event.
  • Price and Calculation: This feature will give a price estimation of the events selected by the user.
  • Payments: This feature will help the user to make payments through various payment modes like cash, debit/credit cards, or other payment wallets.
  • Notifications: This feature will notify the user about the status and progress of the event.
  • Contact Information: Through this feature, the user can get the contact details of the event manager like the name and the contact number.
  • Messaging: This is an inbuilt messenger in the user app to chat directly with the event manager if required.
  • User Feedback: This feature will enable the user to rate and review the events they booked as per the work done.
  • Booking History: It will provide the user the details about past event booking history.
  • Transaction History: Through this feature, the user can view all the payments that they have done so far.
  • Customer Support: In this feature, the user will get support if the need arises.

The Admin Panel

The Admin Panel is a Web Development for the Admin i.e. the event organizer, party planner or an owner of the business. Through this panel, you can manage and monitor the user app and receive notifications of the activities of the User application. This development will also allow the admin to plan the events and perform the tasks accordingly.

The Basic Features Of The Admin Panel Are:

  • Log in: The admin can log in to the panel by providing the right combination of login credentials.
  • Profile Manager: The admin can manage the profile of his company and can also add or edit the details whenever required.
  • User Manager: In this feature, the admin will have access to the profiles of the users. The admin can also Edit, View or Delete a user whenever required.
  • Event Manager: This feature allows the admin to make a blueprint of an event of how it will be managed and executed as per the user’s requirement.
  • Dashboard: Through this, the admin can view the overall statistics of the user’s event booking history, completed events, earnings, etc.
  • Push Notifications: In this feature, the admin will be able to receive notifications of every activity from the User application.
  • Booking Manager: This feature provides the admin to view, edit or delete the upcoming bookings as per the availability.
  • Transaction Manager: It includes the payment methods like debit/credit cards, cash or wallets, and the admin can manage them as per their requirement and can also view the detailed statistics of the earning and payments through which they can easily get the data of their revenue generated from the events.
  • Content Manager: In this feature, the admin can manage the content of the mobile screen of the user application which includes FAQ, Privacy policy, Terms & Conditions, etc


Event management is something that requires great planning with proper distribution and execution of the tasks to achieve the expectations of the clients. There is no business referral than the one that is given by a satisfied client. If you want to develop your customized event management app associate with us to get the best solution regarding the idea of your business into a less hectic and hassle-free management.

Jayant Sharma
Jayant Sharma
Managing Director, Founder @ Phontinent Technologies