How to Develop a Loan Lending Mobile App Like MoneyTap

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How to Develop a Loan Lending Mobile App Like MoneyTap

Loan lending mobile app development

Loan lending mobile app development

Technology has its own advantage, from food delivery apps to shopping apps to book the appointment of a doctor it has provided us almost everything in just a click within seconds. This same trend is emerging rapidly in the loan and finance sector too. Most of the loan providing companies are getting their own mobile app developed so that they can lend money to the users. Development of the loan lending app will help the users would come directly to the lender through the mobile app and get the loan disbursed within no time.

What Consists of A Loan Lending App?

The loan lending solution consists of two parts: Where one is the User Application which is app development for the users through which they can register and borrow money and the other is an Admin panel which is a Web development through which you can lend money and manage the users.

Features of The Loan Lending App

The features of the loan landing app are:

  • User-friendly experience
  • Quick loan eligibility check
  • Minimum or no paperwork
  • Apply for loans in less time
  • Easy loan disbursement
Loan lending mobile app development

The User Application

The user application is an app development which is for the users through which the users can apply for loans and borrow money from a loan lending firm easily.

The basic features of the User Application are:

  • Registration and login: The user can sign up by Facebook or Google account and one more feature is added that is to log in via OTP.
  • Application process: In this feature, the user can apply for a loan after successful registration by providing all the necessary details which will be verified by the admin like the Aadhaar card and pan card verification and some major details of the user.
  • Home screen: This feature allows the user to see their Credit Score, Loan Availability, Loan Amount pending, etc
  • My profile: In this feature, the user can view and edit his profile if required.
  • Transaction history: Through this feature, the user can check the details of all the transactions made.
  • Credit history: This feature enables the user to check the details of the credit history i.e. the details of the loans in the past.
  • Notifications: This will send notifications regarding the requests for a loan made by the user, etc

The Admin Panel

The admin panel is web development for the loan lending firm or the admin of the business through which they can lend money to the users and also manage the activities on the user application.

The basic features of the admin panel are:

  • Login: The admin can log in on the web by providing the right combination of login credentials.
  • Dashboard: In this, the admin can monitor all the activities and see the statistics.
  • User Manager: This feature allows the admin to add/view/edit or delete the users if required.
  • Loan manager: In this feature, the admin or the loan lending person can approve and verify the loan applications requested by the users and manage the applications.
  • Report Manager: Through this, the admin can view the details of the transactions made and download them if the need arises.
  • Content manager: In this, the admin can manage the contents of the screen like the FAQ, Terms and Conditions, etc
  • Notifications: In this feature, the user will be notified about the activities or new applications and loan requests.


To achieve success in your idea of a Loan lending mobile app development partner with us and get the best mobile app developed. We provide user-friendly and comfortable apps for the users to request loans for themselves and their business and also the money lenders to make it a profitable business.

Rachit Sharma
Rachit Sharma
iPhone Solution Architect Managing Director, Founder @ Phontinent Technologies.