How Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Future?

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9th August 2019
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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Future?

Artificial Intelligence development

Artificial Intelligence becoming more popular day by day and you listen these days a lot about AI Technology development, how it works and the involvement of AI in our life. So let’s gain a deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the reenactment of human intelligence working, performed by machines, particularly the PC system. These procedures involve learning the retrieval of data and guidelines for utilizing the data, utilizing principles to get relative or clear resolutions and self-rectification. Specific uses of AI involve recognition, machine vision, and expert systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be classified as either strong or narrow. Narrow Artificial Intelligence system is planned and prepared for a specific assignment. One of the types of narrow AI you could find in your general life is Apple’s siri. On the other hand, a strong AI System has human understanding abilities to perform the task, with this it could perform those tasks or could find a solution for those tasks which it is not familiar with and this does not require any human help or interference.

Types Of Artificial Intelligence?

Reactive Machines

The starting AI system was only made for the reactive purpose they do not form memory and do not use any past experience to perform the current task or function. The best example of reactive machines is Deep Blue by IBM, it is a chess program and this has also beaten chess player Garry Kasparov. This type of AI cannot be applied to other tasks or situations easily.

Limited Memory

From the name, you could easily understand the meaning which says that memory in such a system is for a short period. In this type of AI, we can return to our past experiences and learn from those experiences but it is for a short time that restricts its abilities. This idea is used in self-driven cars, in that the AI detects road conditions, weather, coming vehicle, traffic lights and many other things to make the ride smooth.  This innovation has been key in helping self-driven vehicles to restrict accidents at a certain extent


In this type of AI, the systems or machines know who they are, what are the functioning or features of them, they are self-aware of their capabilities and they even understand the human emotions also but this kind of AI is still a probability, this AI doesn’t exist yet.

Theory of Mind

This type of AI mainly focuses on human emotions and psychology, this helps in understanding human thinking and beliefs. You can say that the Theory of Mind is an advanced version of Artificial Intelligence which helps to comprehend human behavior and emotions. This type of AI still not exists in the current worlds

Artificial Intelligence Uses?

Business Industry

With the use of Artificial Intelligence in an organization or business we can increase our efficiency and serve the best services to our customers also with AI we can improve our internal working process. The benefits of AI help you to reach new heights, it could help in better customer experience, analysis of data and prediction, identify fraud, increase sales and many more things.

Machine Learning and AI will majorly affect your association’s productivity. The system with AI can help you to reduce the workload and perform the task automatically without any human intervention which also reduces the errors made by humans. And with the time passes you will get the best results with the use of smart technology.

Education Sector

The Education sector is developing more helpful and comfortable ways to learn and gain knowledge, with the various uses of AI Technology in education. This has changed the manner in which individuals learn because study material is available through smart devices or computers. We do not require books or notes to study, we can access our study material through our smart devices with the help of internet connection. AI helps in performing the administrative tasks, which saves time for the faculty to perform that task and the faculty could give more time to the students, as AI doesn’t require any human interference it could complete the job on its own.

Teaching integrated with technology has increased the capabilities of the faculty to make education more interesting and easy to understand.

There are many devices that are used in classrooms such as smart boards, laptops, computers, AV, and much more such technology.

Health Industry

Health Industries are progressively using AI Technology to improve patient consideration and get a fast and efficient process. The utilization of AI in medication has been extending over the most recent couple of years. This is somewhat because of desire by pharmaceutical suppliers to extend their services offerings, so through AI Technology, they wish to increase their service facilities and provide the best services to the customers with great efficiency.

Presently, Artificial Intelligence embraces the main areas in the healthcare sector.  AI is adopting all the healthcare task whether it is health check to diagnostics, wellness, and smart devices use. AI technology can adjust without human interference, so it can learn to target human wellness needs all alone. That is why Artificial Intelligence has become an important part of the healthcare industry.

Manufacturing Industry

AI is broadly utilized in different sectors all across the world and is gradually approaching the manufacturing industry. Machines with AI technology are providing a simpler way to the future by allowing a lot of advantages such as increasing production efficiency, making machine working closer to the human working process. Through the help of AI, we can reach task automation, which helps in reducing the manpower and also with this we can achieve great speed and efficiency. 

In today’s world, the manufacturing industry is facing challenges like product high-quality assurance, short market deadlines, require fast performance, and many more. This could be solved with the help of AI technology as it performs the task through robots so there is very little chance of inaccuracy and you could also perform the task at a high speed which helps in maintaining the market demands.

Artificial Intelligence Future


Artificial Intelligence has been introduced in the transportation sector in many countries the automated trains are used to travel from one place to another. Experts are working on driverless cars, so you might see a driverless are in coming future which reduces the chance of an accident as it is automated by robots. The automated car will never perform a mistake like picking up the call while driving, drink and drive and other such factors.

Data Analysis

Analytics has been changing the main concern for organizations for a long while. Since more organizations are understanding their utilization of analytics, they are diving further into their data to expand productivity.

Secure Workplaces

Manufacturing Industries involve a huge number of workers, but as AI Technology has grown immensely in recent time the involvement of robot utilization has become more in the industries. This removes the danger of people being harmed at work in a mechanical working environment. Moreover, if robots can play out the most hazardous employments, this enables people to perform more secure jobs. As AI innovation grows quickly, more businesses are discovering its utilization to caution laborers of conceivably dangerous circumstances so they can redress and maintain a strategic distance from them.

Automated Robots


Machine knowledge is making a great impact on the education sector, artificial intelligence is making more effective learning programs. The Study or learning material can be modified dependent on the student’s continuous knowledge and understanding of the subject. According to the performance of the student in the test and progression in the program, we can customize the curriculum or can accelerate it or slowed down or provide a more in-depth understanding of the subject. This all can be done easily with the help of AI.

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