How a Travel App Is Going To Boost Your Travel Business

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How a Travel App Is Going To Boost Your Travel Business

Travel App Development

Travel App Development

Planning a dream vacation is not that simpler as everyone wants everything to be perfect and pre-planned so that they can enjoy their vacation and create memories with friends, family, and loved ones. Generally while planning a vacation, what you do is visit travel agents to make proper arrangements and keep standing in the queue outside the ticket counters to pre-book everything like flights, trains, hotel rooms, etc.

A travel management app does it all for you. It gives the flexibility to help you plan, track and manage all your traveling needs and requirements in a single place. The travel industry has grown continuously in the past few years. According to research conducted 61% of people book their travel through their smartphone and 54% of people use apps to add extras booking on-the-go.

Nowadays everyone in the travel industry is introducing mobile apps for their business as they help the customers to use all the facilities of the travel business website at the fingertips, anytime and anywhere. The travel app provides everything to the customer or the user in just a few clicks.

The Basic Features Of The Travel App

Features are something that attracts a person to use an app more and makes it stand out in the market. The features of a travel app vary as per the services provided by the travel agencies and also as per the requirements of the people who travel often.

The Basic features of the Travel app are:

  • Easy planning and fast bookings.
  • Location-based search filters.
  • Simplified transactions.
  • 24*7 Customer support.
  • Personalized offers.
  • Live weather updates.
  • Push notifications for every upcoming planned activity.
  • Geo-location features.
  • Activity tracking.
Travel app development

Components of The Travel App

The travel app comprises of three developments: One being the User panel, which is a mobile application where the users or the customers can plan a trip according to their budget and requirements and avail all the other benefits of the User app. The second component is the Service provider panel where the travel agents can add their business and provide traveling services and other travel requirements to the customer. The third and the last component is the Admin panel which is a web development through which the owner of the business can manage and monitor all the activities of the User app and the service provider app.

Benefits Of A Travel App For The Business

A good travel app is the one that provides the best services and the best customer support. When someone is traveling for the first time, a travel app will help them to be safe with everything like food, location, accommodation, tickets, etc.

  • Easy to access: A mobile app can be accessed easily anytime and anywhere and also helps the user to keep a record of everything just in a single app.
  • Onestop app: A travel app is a one-stop app for all the travel requirements. It will help the user avail the benefits of different apps (Redbus, OYO, Google Maps, Uber) in a single app without creating any chaos for the customer.
  • Reach more users: Everyone is using mobile phones these days, and the number of users is increasing daily so adding an app to your business will help you reach more people. 
  • Easy bookings and Packages: Through a travel app the users can book flights, trains, hotel rooms, etc or just book a package according to their budget easily without visiting the travel agents and with hassle-free payments.
  • Complimentary Offers for the Users: Nowadays everyone looks for offers and host spots for traveling so that they can save some money and an app will help you notify the users about the live offers. This will also increase the brand loyalty of your travel app.
  • Live updates: A travel app provides live updates to the user so that they do not miss out on anything important like flight bookings, sightseeing, weather, etc.
  • Budget-friendly: A travel app helps the users keep a track of the budget so that they do not run out of money while traveling, and can also keep a check of the balance.

How Travel App Impacts Your Business

Statistics reveal how mobile apps lay an impact on the travel business.

  • 85% of travelers use travel apps to book plane tickets, hotels, and other travel requirements.
  • 70% of millennials use travel apps to find hotels and book rooms.
  • 60% of travelers use apps like Google Maps to navigate.
  • 54% of travelers search for restaurants and cafes through apps like Yelp and Trip Advisor.

The above statistics show that there is a great demand for a mobile app for travelers so that you will able to put your product in front of potential customers.

Key strategies to increase revenue for A Travel App

To run a business successfully, the owner has to think like a user. Several marketing strategies help a business grow and reach more people. Among them some things to be kept in a priority are:

  • Have a good Website to attract customers.
  • Engage with social media
  • Provide offers and make it visible through social media.
  • Upload videos of client testimonials
  • Do internet marketing for the website
  • Respond to the clients and be available always.

Cost Of Development

The cost of developing a mobile app for a travel agency or business depends on the features and functionalities you want in your app. It also depends on the factor on which platforms you want to introduce your app. If you are introducing an app for both the platforms i.e. Android and ios the cost of development will be comparatively more than the cost of developing an app for a single platform. The minimum cost of development starts from $5000 and varies as per the features being added.


No person wants to get into any problem while traveling. A travel app acts as a travel guide to the user and is something that will keep a track record of everything that one requires while traveling. A travel app development will give your business a digital platform and reach more people. If you too want to enhance and grow your travel business more connect with us and get your customized app for your business.

Jayant Sharma
Jayant Sharma
Managing Director, Founder @ Phontinent Technologies