A Food Delivery App Development Company in the UK

Food Delivery App Development Service
Food Delivery App Development Company in the UK
18th January 2022

A Food Delivery App Development Company in the UK

food delivery app development services

food delivery app development services

Over the last few years, the expanding on-demand economy has shaken up every industry, including food. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic, on-demand food delivery apps have seen a massive increase in daily downloads and have become a global fad. According to reports, the number of people signing up for Uber Eats’ meal delivery service has increased by 30% in the previous few months. Food delivery apps throughout the month of may observe a rise of about 20% in the daily food deliveries, these included sites like GrabFood and Deliveroo. Entrepreneurs are making substantial investments in the internet food delivery app development services sector as a result of this tremendous expansion, on-demand meal delivery app development is becoming increasingly popular.

Wanna create a food delivery app for your clients who love to buy meals online with ease in the UK? Phontinent Technology is the greatest food delivery app development business in the world, specializing in White-label food delivery app development. We’ve spent years developing on-demand food delivery apps for a variety of business models. By delivering restaurants to people’s homes, food delivery apps are transforming the business. Restaurants embracing the different sources of technology seem to have seen massive growth due to the rapid expansion of the use of smartphones and hence the online food delivery business. By using food delivery apps, Restaurant managers might automate their services to gain a competitive advantage.  Customers may make reservations at neighboring restaurants using a food delivery app development company in the UK, and their orders can be tracked in real-time. The online meal delivery sector, according to market analysts, will continue to grow as a result of digitalization.

Your Delivery Business Needs An End-to-End Tech Solution

Increase your return on investment with a feature-rich delivery management system that improves operational efficiency and provides an amazing client experience.

  • App Experience That Is Intuitive-at food delivery app development company in UK Get your consumers a specialized delivery app, as well as a delivery service management solution for your company.
  • Easy-to-Use-Give your clients a hassle-free method to order pickup and delivery services straight from your website or app.
  • Observe everything-your consumers can have access to monitor their orders in real-time which keeps them updated about their orders. 
  • COVID Protection-Make use of cutting-edge features to get your company ready for the ‘New Normal.’ Maintain the safety of your consumers and agents as a whole.

Our skilled staff of food app developers is well-equipped to create fantastic food ordering applications, allowing you to cater to your consumers at their leisure. Phontinent allows you to enhance sales both in your brick and mortar restaurants and online by bringing your restaurant to consumers’ mobile phones. With our food delivery app development company for both Android and iOS platforms, Driver app, and a sophisticated backend, you can stay ahead of the competition in the online food industry.


  • Auto Pick-up and Delivery Dispatch-This functionality allow you to automatically allocate pickups and deliveries to your delivery workers. On the delivery agent app, the delivery partner receives a notification alert to accept new delivery duties right away.
  • Tracking Orders-A real-time tracking tool allows users to keep track of their meal orders.
  • Managed Deliveries & Cost-Effective Routes Feature-rich dashboard for receiving and managing pickup and delivery requests from several sources in one location. Using the automatic route optimization technology to discover the most cost-effective path, you may reduce delivery costs and save time.
  • Optimized tracks & proof of delivery- To give off the required info and certainly give routes for the agents to get to their destinations easily and hence promising delivery on time. Allow your couriers to gather electronic delivery evidence such as scan barcodes, notes, photos, and digital signatures.
  • Chat and rating system integrated into the app-Integrated live-chat support system for your website and app, allowing your clients to enjoy hassle-free customer service without having to speak to a human. Allow consumers to offer candid reviews about their pickup and delivery experience.
  • Business Reports & Advanced Analytical Tools-Data-driven insights to help you understand your consumers’ behavior and target them with higher-value items. It helps you to analyze all the growth you’ve made and hence helps you to make better choices for your delivery company which you can also compare to your past performances as well. 

Customers/Managers may track their deliveries and receive alerts similar to those provided by Uber

  • Sending info about the delivery agent and about your order through various stages of its delivery through messaging service. Customers may speak with their assigned delivery employees and monitor them on live maps, similar to Uber.
  • Multiple Delivery Route Optimization-Our Route Optimization systems find the most efficient routes, allowing you to make several deliveries in a short amount of time. With the greatest delivery management software, Photinent Technology, you can make remarkable on-time deliveries at a lesser cost.

Users’ Benefits Proposition:

  • Customers are free to place orders whenever they like.
  • They offer a large number of eateries from which to pick.
  • Time and money are both saved.

For the Restaurants

  • Aids in the improvement of internet visibility
  • It has a large number of clients.
  • Because it is the most convenient method of reaching clients, it increases order value.

Providers of Delivery Services:

  • Working part-time is one of the greatest ways to add to your income. 
  • Providers of delivery services are free to work according to their own preferences (either full time or part-time)
  • Get suggestions from satisfied customers.
Want to make quicker and better applications with fewer charges?

We discovered that roughly 500 features make up 60 percent of all software (these are things like Facebook login, shopping cart, or push notifications). As a result, we’ve created a library of these that you may stack any way you like. We assist you in doing so, and then our network of expert developers customizes them to meet your vision flawlessly. It is evident that not beginning from scratch saves time and money. Furthermore, our feature library has been shown to function together, making the code more dependable.

This new reality forces restaurants to work with current delivery services or develop their own food delivery applications, resulting in sales declines or company loss if they do not adapt. A food delivery app development company is the best way in today’s date to become a prominent player among food suppliers and consumers. 


  • More food should be sold.

Your consumers will have quick access to your whole menu of tasty cuisine thanks to on-demand meal delivery applications. Apps generate three times more revenue than mobile websites, and being online is now a must.

  • App analytics are quite useful.

Data insights that boost loyalty are not available from online meal delivery behemoths. The app analytics if used alongside the push notifications of the mobile phone gives the best results guaranteeing the exact message at the right moment for the receiver that must be a valuable customer.

  • Create a devoted following of foodies

If you develop a restaurant and delivery app, You’re basically sitting on your client’s phone (there’s barely a better place to be anyway). You may use app analytics to keep customers coming back for more.

  • Get a price guarantee.

Before you begin, you’ll receive precise app development prices and timelines. And this is a price you got to pay that’s never going up. Phontinent, a food delivery app development company is a monthly subscription service that includes everything you need.

  • From beginning to end, everything is clear.

Our dashboard allows you to monitor the progress of your food delivery app in real-time. With a few clicks, you may stop your project, add functionality, or switch mobile platforms.

Following the completion of the design, the construction of a meal delivery app begins. The following suggestions and best practices are grouped into two categories: user demands and technical requirements, and they can help you design a long-lasting app:

User Requirements
  • Searching gets simpler and quicker– Enabling access to the user’s location makes it easier to order a meal quickly and for the delivery agent too. 
  • The status of your order– “Order received,” “dinner cooked,” and “courier on his way” are examples of real-time order status information.
  • Tracking of the orders in real-time- Users tend to have the knowledge of when the delivery is, so as to fix their schedule accordingly.  
  • Payment options that are easy to use are the option of using cash, credit card, or Apple/Google Pay as a payment method.
  • Customer service- Don’t undervalue the importance of the customer service staff, which handles complaints, delivery issues, and other issues.
  • Coupon codes are a type of discount– This is an opportunity to resolve disputes with disgruntled consumers by giving discounts or presents.

Indeed, the mobile food ordering industry is a rapidly expanding trend that no restaurant or café can afford to overlook. The strategic significance of meal delivery apps like UberEats is set to rise even higher as the technology underlying it (Internet and mobile) continues to advance. However, every aspect of designing such an app must be considered, and all parties’ demands must be effectively addressed. If you’re not sure how to do the latter, consult with specialists that specialize in mobile app development for your industry.

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