6 Advance Features of Grocery App Development that You Should Know

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6 Advance Features of Grocery App Development that You Should Know

Whether it is ordering food, doing laundry, or even ordering a taxi, everything can be done with just a few clicks. Due to this Grocery App Development is becoming popular.

With increasing dependency on Internet, we have entered a world that runs on smartphones. Whether it is ordering food, doing laundry, or even ordering a taxi, everything can be done with just a few clicks. Due to this, the on-demand service industry is becoming popular day by day. One of these services is an on-demand Grocery Delivery App.

According to a study, 30% of the smartphone user community loves to order groceries online and the number of such users is growing at an insane rate. Due to this Grocery App Development is becoming popular and is paving the way for delivering a satisfying and enthralling experience to the users.

Why develop a Grocery Mobile App?

The reasons why the grocery mobile app is gaining momentum are as follows:

1. Affordable Business Model

If a person has a limited budget and wants to invest in this business, then the grocery mobile apps have an advantage as the cost of the app varies upon the features. The fewer the features are, the lesser will be app development cost.

2. Saves Time and money

With the grocery delivery app, it is easier for consumers to complete their everyday tasks with just a swipe. This allows customers to spend their time doing something productive and fun instead of waiting in long queues to get billed.

3. Helps in staying updated

With the growing competition in the grocery mobile app industry, to compete with other businesses, one needs to stay updated with the latest trends. With the help of the right Grocery App Development Company, the business owners can get a perfect grocery delivery app along with efficient features that will help them stay one step ahead in the competition.

Types of Grocery Delivery Apps

To compete with the big players in this market, one needs to have the right kind of app developed along with the right features.  There are 2 types of Grocery Delivery Apps:

1. Dedicated Apps

In these kinds of apps, there is a platform in which different grocery stores will sell their items. The main work of the app owner will be that he/she will have to manage the complete order facilitate as well as deliver goods to the customers. 

2. Aggregator Apps

This kind of model is generally used by those who have their grocery stores. The app owner will need to collaborate with other local stores. The local stores handle the tasks that include fulfilling the orders and delivering the orders on time. While the app owner serves as a mediator. 

Advantages of Grocery Delivery Apps

Given below are some of the core advantages of Grocery Delivery Apps:

1. Contains offers that lures the heart of consumers

When the owner is thinking of competing with the giants of the market he/ she needs to do something innovative to keep up with the competition. To overtake the conventional retailers, the owner needs to develop an honest bond with customers and win their loyalty. This can be done by giving offers, discounts, free home deliveries, cash backs, and many more.

2. Stores consumers preferences and act on them

With the admin panel, the owners can understand the consumer choices, observe their bing habits, and then give recommendations based on the customer’s choices.

3. Not limited to certain products

The good thing about this app is that it is not only limited to grocery shopping. It also provides other products like packaged food, beverages, personal care products, etc.

4. Provides enhanced shopping experience

Features such as fast delivery of products, instant mobile payments, no standing in long lines, etc. have come as a bigger change for daily grocery shoppers. After all, a great consumer service at many fronts is an important part to outsmart competitors.

Grocery Delivery App Development Process

 For developing an efficient and user-friendly grocery delivery app, one can follow the following steps:

1. Sharing idea

To get a good app developed, the owner must share his/her idea of the app with the development team. Then development team can shape the owner’s idea and add more practical features to the proposed idea. 

2. Features and functions

It is necessary to predefine and work on the functionalities and features to be used in the software to reduce the production expense of the supermarket product. The production costs can be managed by using a predefined set.

3. Prototype design

Before the app is developed, a prototype is prepared. Then all the functions and features of the prototype are tested. If the prototype is working, then the real app can be developed.

4. App development

Once the prototype is tested and finalized, then the work on the real app begins. The team works on the features and tries to make the product more efficient than before.

5 Testing and quality analysis

The quality Analysis team and the testing team will make sure that the end product designed is flawless.

6. Product deployment

Once the product is ready, it is launched in various app stores.

7. Updates

The developer team continuously works on the app and provides various updates and bug fixes after the app is live.

Team Required for Grocery Delivery App Development

To keep up with the competition and provide an efficient output, one should make sure to hire the right kind of people to work for the app. These People are:

·         Project manger

·         IOS developers

·         Android developers

·         Front end developer

·         Back end developer

·         UI/UX designers

·         Testers

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Advance Features of Grocery Delivery App

Below are some of the features one must integrate to make an efficient app:

1. Real-time Analytics

Real-time Analytics is very useful for collecting processed information from the data stored in the app database. It helps the admin monitor the activity of users. It also helps in increasing conversion rates and profits. The best thing about this feature is that it is cost-effective and delivers accurate output in a short time.

2 Behaviour Tracking

With Behaviour track, the owner can track various parameters of the user such as most searched items, what was the item user last ordered, at what time the user is most active, and many more.

3. Business Intelligence

With Business Intelligence, the owners can take much better decisions backed up with accurate data. It helps the owner spot new opportunities and identifying inefficient processes that need redesigning.

4. CRM Integration

The owner can increase the output of the business by integrating it with CRM. With the help of CRM, owners can get a better knowledge of customers; get improved customer retention, and many more.

5. In-App Navigation

With in-app navigation, the users can navigate the exact position of the delivery boy, how much far is he away from the location, at what time will he deliver the product, etc. This feature is also beneficial for the delivery boys because with this they can track how far the customer’s location is.

6. Multiple Payment Options

There are numerous instances where the customers are irritated due to the lack of sufficient payment options. With this feature, the users can make payments through various mediums like credit card/debit card, cash, net banking, and many more.


It may seem like a smart idea to enter the market with a Grocery Delivery Mobile App, but if there is nothing that makes it innovative, the big names on the market will make the competition tough. Therefore to compete with companies such as Walmart or Instacart, it is necessary to hire an experience Grocery App Development Company.

At Phontinent Technologies, we offer the best Grocery Mobile App Development services to our clients based in UK, USA, and India. We provide on-time delivery of projects at an affordable cost.

Rachit Sharma
Rachit Sharma
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