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Dating app development

It’s the Internet that connects people when the lack of time and changing pace of lives drive them away from each other. In the world of gadgets where the entire world lies within a 6-inch screen and at the fingertips, it seems everything can be solved if you know how to make an app, Isn’t it? Every individual needs to do so much in a day that there is hardly enough time for everything. Dating app development does it for all, where they hold the reliability of matching people resting on similarity, compatibility, and shared understanding.

Nowadays, nobody can deny that the concept of dating has changed dramatically in the past few years. Statistics said that over 46% of Americans use online dating apps in 2019 and, near 20% of relationships in the USA started from online communication. According to a research conducted by eHarmony, by the end of 2031, every second married couple will have met online, which results that there will be a constant demand for dating apps in the upcoming years. And one more fact. Nowadays, 48% of online dating services users meet their soulmates via mobile devices, and the number continues to grow quickly. One of the reasons why the online dating concept became so popular is the fact that you can screen people before you go out with them.

How to Make a Dating App from Scratch

Generally, it’s impossible to answer the question of dating app development procedure without examining which special features your app should have.

But, usually, dating app development looks pretty similar to any other iOS and Android apps development, and also it is a part of the social media app.

  • The first thing you need to build a dating site is market research and analysis and also the target audience so that there are no similarities to the core features.
  • Naming a dating app is a bit tricky since it reflects the core features of your app which should sound familiar to your audience and evoke pleasant associations.
  • Build an MVP to test your app idea and also to avoid crucial hindrances.
  • Dating app development has its specific design brackets like the Navigation and functionality, a good matching engine to quick search partners, designing profiles with a two-tabbed interface for toggling between the profile and chat and risen safety with certain validations.
  • A marketing plan helps in brand promotion and increase your customer base by engaging more users when you create your own dating app.

Components of the Dating App

The dating app development consists of two main components: the User Panel and the Admin Panel.

The User Panel is a mobile application, developed for the preferred platforms like Android and iOS, where people can register and set up their profiles and find matches easily.

The Admin Panel is a web development for the owner or the admin of the dating app to track and analyze the user’s activity on the app.

dating app development

Core Features Of Different Dating Apps

Features are something that makes anything different in comparison with different apps of the same niche. Below mentioned are the famous dating apps with its core features or the features why they are famous in the dating app market.

  • Tinder aims at matching people from the same area.
  • OkCupid serves with detailed profiles, trying to push us to look for a partner that 99.9% suits us.
  • Bumble gives women some rights, where they text their male matches first and men have only 24 hours to respond.
  • Hinge advances its users to browse video to the profile, while others could give likes to it. 
  • Tastebuds dating app is directed for music lovers.
  • Bro App for Men is for those who want to start a bromance.
  • Coffee Meets Bagel shows you only one match per day specifically at midday.
  • Happn sends you notifications when you’ve crossed paths with a partner.
  • Dine helps you to get you on a date in a restaurant directly from the app.

Features of the User Application

Dating app development requires certain different features and functionalities to make the app stand out and attract more users. Some of the features of the user app are:

  • Sign up and log in: The user can sign up or register via an Email address, mobile number, and password or can directly register through their Google account.
  • Social media integration: Users can integrate their Instagram and Facebook accounts with their dating profiles and can also register or sign up through these social media accounts. This leads to more conversations and interactions within the app and also makes matching easier.
  • Profile: The user profile should be editable and show a person’s appearance and other details such as interests, hobbies, occupation, and bio. The profile sections should also simply and conveniently help other users to read the information and make resolutions without any uncertainty. For example Tinder analyzes profiles automatically, by comparing the Facebook and Instagram profiles, and browses information about friends from social networks without any extra effort. The users don’t need to spend much time on their profiles – all they need to do is to check what Tinder has picked up for them.
  • Geolocation: Geolocation tracking shows users the potential soulmates who are easy to meet with. The integration of this feature helps gather people from the same area.
  • Matches: Nowadays, matching algorithms are mostly AI-based to offer possible matches as per the preferences, adjustable settings.
  • Search filters: Filters help users find their partners by gender, place, and age. Additionally, it’s possible to install filters that will allow the users only to choose new users.
  • Chats: Users need a mechanism to contact each other. Chats may fill their need to know their partners better and decide if they match the expectations. Video chatting integrations, voice notes, GIFs, and stickers – all these features are obligatory for a dating app if you want to keep your users inside the app all the time.
  • Notifications: Users will spend more time using your app if you give them more reasons to do so. Notifications about any activity inside the app, are a good approach in making the user use the app constantly and also to stay in instant communication with likely matches.
  • App settings: App setting integration constitutes notification muting, filters customization, and visibility modes.

Admin Panel

This development is hidden from the users and can only be accessed by the admin or the owner of the business. The admin or the support team will be able to access the admin panel only through the desktop version. This panel is created to provide you with the possibility to analyze the users and study their experience, solve conflicts, and remove users if required.

The primary features of the Admin Panel are:

  • Dashboard: This functionality gives an overview of all the statistics of the Dating app.
  • User Manager: To manage all the users and track their experience and resolve disputes. The admin may also block or remove a user if required or requested by any user if they violate the terms and privacy of the apps.
  • Profile Manager: This feature is to control and manage user profiles and respond to user search algorithm to make them appear on the profile page. The authorized admin can also create and approve a user.
  • Payment Manager: This feature takes care of the in-app payments made by the users for the additional features.
  • Ads Manager:  It enables the admin to manage the ads and brands that are provided by partnered businesses.
  • Push Notifications: The admin receives push notifications of every action of the User application.
  • Content Manager: This feature allows the admin to manage the content that is displayed on the mobile screen of the user application which comprises of Blogs, FAQ, Privacy policy, Terms & Conditions, etc

Benefits of Dating App Development

Considering the overall demand for dating apps, the advantages that let such apps prevail and be accessible are:

  • Fast and efficient
  • Good for busy people and introverts
  • Find a soulmate nearby
  • No unwanted connections
  • Monetization opportunities
  • Transparent Communication
  • Private and Secure 

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App Like Tinder?

Data, available in social networks and other media is being thoroughly examined, layered, and structured, which allows suitable matches but also to make forecasts. Facial identification, GPS, and biological data carried by AI are going to boost matching algorithms and connect people in completely different ways. To count how much it would cost to build an MVP dating app, we listed all the features breakdown with the cost required for development and integration:

  • Sign in feature – $120
  • Instagram integration – $600
  • Profile photo editing and gallery arrangement – $150
  • User profile editing – $600 
  • App settings – $150 
  • GPS tracking – $60
  • Matching algorithms (plus AI engine development) – $3000
  • Matching menu and swipe effects – $600
  • Push notifications – $120
  • Chats – $1200
  • Payment methods integration – $300
  • Admin panel – $1200
Dating app development

Technology stack for dating app

The technology stack that is preferred to develop a dating app like tinder is mentioned below. The tool-set can be further extended and revised depending on the individual requirements of the client.

Types of toolsMobile/back-end
Programming languagesPHP, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Javascript
FrameworksAndroid, ios, Laravel
Cloud storageAWS
Web serversSocket, Apache, Nginx
Payment gatewayStripe, Paytm
General utilitiesTwilio, Elasticsearch, Google Maps, Google
How Do Dating Apps Make Money

Most of the dating apps are available for free, but it doesn’t mean that they have zero income. People spend enough of their time on dating apps – an average user spends around 90 minutes a day, which implies that there’s a lot of income with dating app development. Most of the dating apps are using one of the three trade models – subscription model, freemium, or in-app purchase model.

Freemium: Downloading an app and use its key features for free. To use additional features, such as account boosting, profile confirmation, an unlimited number of swipes, super likes, or direct messaging to the chosen person, you need to pay once. Subscriptions: This concept is popular amongst luxurious apps for serious relationships or those who provide more privacy and exclusive types of assistance. In-App purchases and extra offline assistance to improve the profile, enable particular features, or purchase gifts. In-App advertisement is also a great idea for an excellent base of future clients for brands.

Apart from all these models, you can monetize by virtual gifts that users might want to send to their dates. You can also build a partnership with regional cafes and restaurants, gift stores to generate income.


Developing a dating app like Tinder is extremely tempting. Privacy and security are among the most important attributes that users look for in a dating app. To make a dating app development exciting and engaging, you can also integrate fancy animation depending on the particular app idea, the dynamics, searching time, and conversation style.  Dating apps are on high in these modern times as these apps are also considered as socializing apps. Developing such dating apps requires an in-house design unit, prolific back-end developers, an experienced app development team. If you are determined to take over the grounds of dating app startup and create beautiful apps at a decent cost, we recommend you to contact us or visit our website. You can also fill-up the form below for an immediate response.

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