How Mobile Apps Are Helping During The Crisis Caused Due To Coronavirus

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How Mobile Apps Are Helping During The Crisis Caused Due To Coronavirus

Crisis Caused Due To Coronavirus

The Global crisis caused due to Coronavirus or the COVID-19 has laid a massive impact on the entire world. A large number of people are infected daily from this deadly virus, and sadly no one knows when will this be getting over. The world is facing a tough time now. Either it is the stock market, business, health, lifestyle, or any other thing, nothing has spared of this pandemic. And amid all the negativity people are trying to cope up with their situation in their ways.

Everyone is now trying to rely on their mobile phones and apps and websites. Technology and the development of mobile applications are helping a lot to deal with the mental health and general well-being of people during this crisis, and several other initiatives by the government are also helping mankind.

The apps and websites for medical requirements:

Compassion is just a few clicks away to combat the outbreak. The government and healthcare officials have launched a few mobile apps and websites to fight against the virus. Through these apps, one can avail of all the medical requirements.

  • Aarogya Setu: This app is launched by the government of India to assist the citizens by helping them find if they have been in contact with an infected person.
  • Mapmyindia/corona: This is a dashboard that guides about everything related to COVID-19. It also provides the data of each state and also information about the testing zones, hunger relief camps, treatment centers, isolation centers, etc.
  • Practo: This app is both for Android and ios, and apart from booking an appointment with a doctor online, this app also allows you to schedule a COVID-19 test to the preferred location. Besides this, the examination of the sample is approved only after the submission of the prescription of a doctor.
  • Telemedicine apps like medlife and netmeds are also among the few apps that provide medicines to the people who are on isolation due to the global crisis.
Crisis Caused Due To Coronavirus, Healthcare mobile apps

Basic office working tools to communicate with coworkers:

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting people of the entire world, and some of the Oxford economics estimates that this outbreak will be costing the global economy a lump-sum of $1.1 trillion. This outbreak is enforcing all the companies, institutions, and organizations to embrace new ways of operating. People are working from home during this self-quarantine period to ensure the continuity of business with information management solutions. The below-mentioned apps and sites are assisting everyone for maximum productivity.

  • Zoom Cloud Meetings: This is a free app that helps in conducting meetings online. This app is available for all the platforms like PC, Android, and iOS. It enables video communication as well as you can also switch off the video and listen to the audio and communicate. Many companies and other firms have adopted this platform for remote work during this pandemic, and the statistics show that its use has risen to 67% during mid-March 2020.
  • Team Viewer: It is a free software application that mainly focuses on desktop sharing or screen sharing, collaboration features, and file transfer between computers. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and various other platforms. The people who are working from home are using it in a wide range within teams to collaborate and communicate while working.
  • Microsoft OneDrive: Unlike other apps, the OneDrive is also available for PC, Mac, and Android. It is a file hosting service that allows its users to store files and personal data like the Windows settings or recovery keys, share files, and sync files across the devices.
  • Slack: Slack is a free instant messaging platform available for all the platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. It provides distinctive features like persistent chat rooms (channels) organized as per topic, private discussions, direct messaging, etc.
Crisis Caused Due To Coronavirus, Mobile apps to use during coronavirus

Tools for distance-learning

In an advisory, the central government has asked the teachers and professors to keep in touch with students over phone calls, emails, and messages and cover up the syllabus. Higher education institutes are also conducting online classes while ensuring that there is no interruption in the academics of the students.

Few interactive E-learning software, apps, and websites that are worth a try for study purpose are:

  • NROER: The National Repository of Open Educational Resources is an online platform suggested by the government, that has 14,000 files, including videos, audios, and e-books, in various languages.
  • Coursera: It is an online learning platform that works in collaboration with colleges and universities across the globe. Many students are relying on this platform as it is also offering free courses, ever since the college shut down due to the pandemic.
  • Byju’s: It is also one of the popular E-learning support for school students. This app has made downloads and access to learning free until the end of April. There has been a 60% increase in the number of new students using the app after free access was enabled.
Crisis Caused Due To Coronavirus, E-learning mobile app

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the government has taken several measures and steps to fight this, and technology has played a vital role. The damage caused is unparalleled, and everyone is trying to adopt this new way of working and minimizing the impacts on the business. We, Phontinent Technologies, are also striving up with all the technologies and are delivering the best solutions to your business with this new way of working.

Rachit Sharma
Rachit Sharma
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