How To Create App Like TikTok?

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How To Create App Like TikTok?



There is always a place for innovations. TikTok is the biggest example, which has become an extraordinary source of entertainment, grasping the attention of millions of users.

Tik Tok is in trend and it has topped the market so fast that there is no way pulling it down. This globally successful social media app has enhanced one of the main entertainment opportunities for teens and grown-ups alike. It has become so influential that almost everyone is looking into its business model to create app like TikTok that will draw millions of users extensively.

  • TikTok is one of the most leading valuable startups. The app was downloaded 1 billion and with a count of 500 million active users per month. 
  • On average, users spend 52 minutes every day on Tik Tok.
  • 41% of users range between the age of 16–24, i.e teenagers, where 56% are male and 44% users female.
  • TikTok’s main income generates from the in-app purchase that produces $3.5 million per month.
  • With 33 million downloads it was declared as the most installed app from the App Store for the first quarter of 2019.
  • Apptrace states that TikTok is accessible in 155 nations.

Tik Tok is popular because of these below-mentioned factors:

  • Short-form content (15 seconds) – easy to create and serves well in today’s short-attention-span.
  • Target audience 41% of users, aged 16–24 are engaged to social media and mobile phones.
  • The presence of personalities and brands, which increases engagement and awareness.
  • The opportunity to make money, by collaborating with brands, win prizes, and receive gifts throughout live streamings.

Create App Like TikTok- What it actually does?

To create app like TikTok its important to understand and know everything about TikTok. 

It is a type of social media app that brings in songs and videos which is currently very famous in the market to the users. The users can lip-sync to it to create videos, dance to tunes, add effects and filters, and do all kinds of creative actions to make videos. Besides this, TikTok is also a powerful platform to interact with other users as you can share your videos as well as browse the ones shared by others. Creating your video after downloading the app is very easy. Even if you are new to the app, you can create videos in no time and grow popular within no time.

Some of the characteristics of Tik are:

  • Sharing videos on social media platforms
  • High-speed picture capturing
  • Broadcasting music videos
  • Astonishing effects and filters
  • Music library

Integration of features to create app like TikTok

TikTok has some features that make this social media giant stand different from the competitors in the market. The users can follow, like, and re-share each other’s content and also provides users with certain additional features. Below is a list of the features that you can integrate on your app. 

  • Login and splash screen- Like any other app, you will have to sign up or register first to login to the app.
  • Social Media Integration- You can also integrate login via social media to make it easier for the users.
  • Soundtracks- Apart from creating videos with popular music and sounds from a vast music library, users can also use their voice to create a unique video.
  • Video uploading- Users can share their ready-made videos. They can also create a raw video by choosing a song to lip-sync or dance and then edit and upload them to their accounts easily. 
  • Video editing- An impressive set of tools of AR effects for editing the videos along with many stickers, animations, and filters. Also, users can rotate or crop the videos, and can also adjust the playback speed whenever required.
  • Live video streaming- This is a premium feature mostly for popular personalities, where they can stream live videos and communicate with their fans and other users.
  • Social sharing- Apart from sharing videos within the app, users can also share all their videos on other social media apps like their Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook profiles. 
  • QR code scanner- This allows the users to subscribe or connect users, where the app provides a unique QR code to each of the users. They can just scan the unique QR codes and add other users to their list.
  • Duet Option- Duets feature is one of the most popular features of TikTok. It allows the users to lip-sync or dance to their favorite music with anyone on the app they want, by appearing on the other side of the same screen. This feature also helps in getting higher reach and increase their money-making potential.
  • Geolocation- With geolocation integration, the users can see the currently active bloggers that are streaming live, nearby.
  • Filters And Effects- The video editor also has a variety of filters and effects. Users can also add virtual elements such as glasses, hats, flowers, puppy ears, and more. Apart from the special features like slow-motion videos, reverse, zoom, or flash, users can also add effects and face filters.
  • Likes And Comments- Likes are the measures of popularity for the videos. Users can like and comment on the videos shared by fellow users and can even reply to the comments on their profiles.
  • Notifications- Users can also enable push notifications to view who liked and commented on their videos, who followed them, and various other activities related to their profile like the tags, and followers of the similar accounts.
  • Reactions- Users can also record their reactions to other people’s videos. This feature allows them to record their videos or clips while they are watching a video, and then share it in the app.
  • Hashtags- Hashtags to show what’s trending in your app, they also help in tagging users and to invite them to various challenges.
  • Real-Time Analytics- With real-time Analytics data, users can check out the data regarding their likes, comments, shares, engagement, reach, and many more.
  • Settings- The settings section allows the users to change their profile picture, switch to private or public accounts, change the passwords, access the help center, change the language, block users, and many more like logging out of the app or frequently asked questions regarding the app.
Create app like TikTok

5 Steps To Create App Like TikTok

To create app like TikTok, you need to follow certain steps:

  • Research Your Target Audience

This is the first and foremost step to create app like TikTok. You need to understand your target audience to create a product that will serve their needs.

Find out their average age of users engaged in mobile phones, their locations, types of devices and operating systems, and many more. This can be done easily through statistics from online sites. For more precise and real results you can research your target audience by a survey form of your own to determine the features better. Additionally, learn about their user interface, benefits of the app, and anything related that would influence your potential customers to use your app.

  • Find the right Team to develop the App

To create app like TikTok, you need to hire an expert team of developers with good experience in developing social apps.

You can opt to outsource the developers if you don’t have the right mobile app developers in-house. Outsourcing is much more cost-effective and can help you find a remarkable team of developers to create a robust app.

Make sure that the team fully understands the type of your target audience, the business model, and several other priorities and features, and also the monetization strategy. During this phase of the project, find your mobile app developers and stakeholders to design the concept of your app, determine the features and users, the technology stack, and the cost estimation.

  • Prepare Design

The next step is to design the app. The design of an app plays an important role, to recognize the app easily. When making the app design, make sure you rely on the usability analysis to give the users a product with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and that provides the users with an excellent in-app experience.

The app should be completely free of clutter and should be both visually appealing and functional, and compel people to install the app and then use it.

  • MVP Development

Developing an MVP (minimum viable product) before launching your app is essential for its accomplishment. It helps you to test the app and collect helpful feedback from the users. This helps you to make adjustments on your app if needed and to make sure that the app is fully functional.

To create MVP of an app like Tiktok, we recommend using the features mentioned above. While developing an MVP, you need a Designer, Quality Assurance Specialist, Project Manager + Communication. So, build an MVP with complete integration of features to make the app engaging to initial users. Once you collect their feedbacks, improve your app, integrate the additional features, and launch the product with full brilliance.

  • Release & Marketing Activities

Before launching your app, make sure you optimize it according to the marketplaces (like the app store and play store) where you are going to publish it.

Add a description that will demonstrate what the app is about and how people can use it. Additionally, introduce the primary features of the app and make sure that there are eye-catching screenshots of the app. Use the right keywords in the title tag, and a distinctive logo.

Also, advertise it on your website and other social media platforms, to make people learn about your newly released app. Remember to include the screenshots and links to install the app.

It is not difficult to create app like TikTok, if you follow all the above-mentioned tips. You just need to find the right app development company to tackle all the technical requirements and issues. Digging deep into the demands and preferences of the users is the only way to create app like TikTok, that users will fall in love with.

Technology requirements to Develop an app like TikTok

To personalize the user experience you need AI technology. The app uses the AI algorithm to learn and add tags automatically by using object and image recognition.

The app also requires cloud storage, with several options like Amazon S3 or Google cloud storage.

If you wish to create app like TikTok only for Android, you can use these programming languages: like Kotlin and Java. On the other hand, for iOS development, you can opt for Swift. Besides this, if you plan to develop an app for both platforms, then you can use frameworks like Flutter, Xamarin, and React Native.

Development team requirement

  • Android and iOS developer
  • UI/UX designer
  • Database expert
  • Quality Assurance specialist
  • Front-end and back-end developer
  • Marketing team
  • Product manager
Cost to Develop App Like TikTok

The cost to create app like TikTok depends on the operations, the choice of network, and data storage.

  • Content distribution channels
  • A database integration
  • Video and music transmission with encryption
  • Integration of payment methods, and many more

To give an estimation, the cost to create app like TikTok will cost around $10,000-$30,000.

As stated above, the cost of developing such an app will depend on different factors that add to the expenses, like platforms for the app, complexity in design, resources, etc. Apart from this, the cost of development can still fluctuate depending on the functionalities that you integrate into the app.

How to Monetize an App like TikTok?

When your app developers learn about the potential users of your app, the next step is to choose the business model. Below are some monetization strategies to integrate into your app:

  1. Fundraising: For the start, it is necessary to draw investors for funding as one of the premium strategies and plans.
  2. In-app purchases: To easily purchase gifts that the user can easily present others.
  3. Advertising: It is a great choice for app monetization nowadays that includes different types of in-app advertising for other brands.
  4. Cost per Click: In this model, the advertisers pay every time, to the app, when the users engage with the addition that comes within the app.
  5. Cost per Action: Here advertisers pay for clicks of a specific action like app downloads, form submission, website registration, and many more.
Conclusion — Develop your app like TikTok 

There is a fierce competition going on, to become a market giant. Now, due to certain issues, Tik Tok has already been banned in India, which means you need to come up with your app and acquire the market soon with marketing strategies. In this state, you have two choices. Either you can create app like TikTok with the integration of the latest features, or come up with a clone app for TikTok. So, why wait, share your requirements with us, and make your idea into a successful flow of income within no time. 

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Jayant Sharma
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