How ASP.NET changing the waves of Web Development Industry?

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23rd July 2019

ASP.NET – A Quick Introduction

In today’s rapidly growing IT Industry, the requirement for software and their developers is exponentially increasing. Mostly, companies are looking for the best developers for their company which is not an easy task. Also, now all the business are making their websites online and for these, it is very important to hire a reliable and efficient ASP.NET developer.

What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is one of the most well-known frameworks designed for developing web pages. It was developed by Microsoft to let the programmers build web sites. ASP.NET embraces a different web development model. It is a combination of a .net framework designed to provide services for different web apps.

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Privileges of ASP.NET

  • ASP.NET and HTML together develop very agile and responsive web pages
  • In a .net  framework, the content and program are logically separated and it reduces the program inconvenience.
  • One of the best features of .net is that it comes with its own built-in caching features.
  • ASP.NET reduces the long lines of codings that required to develop high applications. 
  • It keeps your applications secured with built-in authentication and pre-application configuration.
  • ASP.NET code is an ideal server it first runs on the window server and then displayed on a web browser.
  • .NET application highly monitored and managed to help to handle the requests.
  • Crash cover/protection capability.

How to hire an ASP.NET developer?

If you are looking forward to hiring an developer for that you need to choose the one who works for you. To hire a developer you must be aware of these points given below-

  • Knowledge- ASP.NET developer must be highly qualified and the developer should be well aware of the basics and MVC(Model View Controller) which helps the developer team to develop the fast and secure application. ASP.NET MVC is increasing rapidly in the market. This application is simple and easy to use. The skill ASP.NET MVC is considered in the first place.
  • Experience- At the hiring point company should know about the experience of developers in .net technology. The experience of the developer defines how much he/she is an expert and able to handle the conflicts. For hiring, a business must look at the candidate’s profile properly. The company should ask the candidate about the code sample by which it will tell about the experience of the person.
  • SQL database- The .net developer must be knowledgeable not only with the Microsoft SQL database but also with the technology like NoSQL which makes the developer more demanded in the .net industry.
  • Client-side web development technologies- Technologies like HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, are necessary for the developer to know. This will help the developer to be more interactive and creative. The time oh hiring, the manager must check about the developer is comfortable with the language demand or not.
  • OOP Concept- Object-oriented programming concept is a basic skill of a developer or fresher. The candidate who doesn’t have knowledge about OOP then that candidate is not ready for the project work. OOP concept involves the concept of inheritance, composition, dependency, and generalization.

Types of ASP.NET Technology development-

  • MVC(Model View Controller)- ASP.NET MVC is a powerful and a way to build a different site that gives a clean separation of concern and full control over agile development. MVC includes many features that enable fast and TDD friendly development for creating applications.
  • Web pages- Web pages provide you with the fast, lightweight and approachable way to combine the server code with HTML to create unique web content. To make the site more beautiful it includes many features like add video, link to different network sites and etc. 
  • Web forms- You can build different sites using drag-drop and event-driven model. The control over design allows you to assemble realistic, powerful UI driven sites with data access

How much it cost to hire an ASP.NET Developer?

If you want to hire an developer so firstly it will depend on the candidate and the cost also depends on the process used in the device. Around $50 to $100 will cost to hire a developer as per the candidate’s skills, ability, attribute, and complexity. Expert ASP.NET developer from Phontinent Technologies which can provide you with better ASP.NET web solutions.

Jayant Sharma
Jayant Sharma
Managing Director, Founder @ Phontinent Technologies