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Taxi app Development Services

The interest in taxi applications like uber or the ola app has developed prominently in the ongoing market. Due to its nature of providing services online or offline and engagement of various numbers of people make these platforms tough to develop, design, scale, and master. While creating an app like uber you need to keep in mind about the quality of services (like on-time delivery, price, car quantity and many more) and the user-friendly interface (easy to understand interface). Developing an app of that level will consist of three panels and there will be a different app for the user and the driver and to keep control and monitor to things you require an admin panel.

People who live in big urban areas with heavy traffic and the absence of parking spot, this reduces the demand to own vehicles. The people are more interested in online cab facilities services in big cosmopolitan cities which make entrepreneurs enter in taxi booking app services market. From this blog, you will understand the things required to develop a versatile app like uber.

How to make a Taxi Booking App?

To develop an app like uber you need to keep in mind that, your app should stand out from the existing taxi app services in the market. For that, you need to have basic functioning or facilities for your app. Primarily, there are two applications for Uber with two distinct interfaces which will enable them to organize easily. One App is for passengers, which provides services to users to book a cab, the other app is for drivers through that app the drivers can receive and accept the request made by the passengers. There is also an admin panel that manages and monitors the functioning between the customer app and drivers app.

Taxi Booking App Working
Working of Taxi Booking App

Passenger Panel

Registration & Login – The registration process consists of full name, phone number, email. You could also sign up through facebook and using mobile you can verify through OTP.

Booking – Allowing users to book a cab according to their location, users can also choose the car type and pickup location.

Price Calculation – You can check the fare of a ride from its starting point to the destination, before the starting of the ride.

Tracking – This feature helps you to track the location of the drive, this also helps you to find a cab when it arrives at the pick-up point.

Payments – Implement multiple payments methods for the ease os passenger like in-app payment through credit cards, or can add third-party payment services such as PayPal or simply accepting cash.

Notifications – Push notifications will give the data of the taxi that is going to pick you, request status, arrival time estimation, and other driver data.

Messaging – In-app messaging facilities allow the user to contact the driver from the application itself and can also call a driver for more information.

Rating & Review – Through this, the user provides feedback about the driver, the experience of using the app or any other problem while using the services.

Travel History – Provides the details of your previous rides along with the driver’s information and car number details.

Driver Panel

Registration, Login & Verification – Verification and Confirmation of the driver’s profile should be done from the admin side (License, vehicle insurance etc). 

Push Notifications – The driver gets the notification such as trip request (accepting or rejecting), passenger information which includes pickup location, route, payment method, etc.

Navigation – It provides the best routes to the driver for reaching the pickup point using google maps.

Reports & Analytics – Gives information about trips and analytics of past trips. It also shows the earning stats on the basis of daily/monthly.

Messaging – The driver can call or text the user through the app.

Driver App Development for taxi Booking
Driver App

Admin Panel

Generally, an admin panel is a web app development that is used to manage, monitor and control the services and functionalities on both the apps. It should be developed to manage drivers, customers, locations orders and payment functionalities for the smooth running of both the applications.

These are the functionalities that you need to require for an admin panel

Features required for admin panel

Top five unique features for Taxi booking app

Driver Assistance –  This component can assist the client to get a vehicle with a personal driver for a specific time and kilometer. So regardless of whether travelers book a taxi for outstation or some other spot, it will assist your client with getting a taxi with an individual driver.

The fare charges will depend upon the kilometers they have traveled. This component will make your application stay ahead from other comparative taxi booking applications and give your riders the experience of driving their very own vehicle.

Outstation services – To give an extraordinary riding services to your outstation travelers, you can enable them to hire a taxi for the different city, the trip could be one way or round trip, provide various car options and skilled drivers to choose from. This encourages your taxi booking app among the people.

Day Packages – Prime Membership for riders will assist your passengers with choosing or get one enrollment plan as per their needs and experience free services up to particular kilometers. You can make distinctive prime membership plans for your riders and describe particular kilometers for your riders to experience free rides.

Car Pooling – This feature can assist a passenger with opting for carpooling where they can share their ride with different riders who are going on a similar spot and can share the expense with them. It can likewise assist you in increasing the popularity and success rate of your application.

Taxi pool feature working
Taxi Pool Feature Working

Trip Parameters – By providing your riders with special services the demand for, you can provide them a rich travel experience and pull them towards your cab services. These services may include wheelchairs for old age passengers, baby seats for parents traveling with a baby or any other services that satisfy the comfort of your passenger.

Cost to develop an app like uber

The cost of developing an app like uber depends on various factors. Building an app of such level requires mobile/web interfaces. Now the cost also depends on which platforms you are going to introduce your app in the market, if you are introducing on both android and iOS platforms then the development cost will be more as compared to the single platform development. The development cost will also vary according to the number of features you are going to introduce in your app. 

Below is the estimated amount for developing an on-demand taxi app.

Admin Panel$1400
User App$6000
Driver App$5000
API Development$4000


Till now, you have understood the things required to develop an on-demand taxi booking app, the working of the app and the amount required to develop a good taxi app. For more information you can reach us we will provide you the best development solutions regarding this, with the help of our expert team we provide versatile and effective Mobile App Development solutions for your business.

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