Why invest in Android application development

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Why invest in Android application development

android application development

android application development

The year is and people are still asking why to invest in Android application development. Sometimes they have to choose between various platforms including iOS which has over 1.5 billion devices across the globe. However, that number doesn’t come anywhere near to Android devices. Around 80% of total smartphone users have or had used Android in the past. This means if you are running a small or mid-scale business, and want to take your business online to reach more customers. Android application development is a way to go towards your dreams. Although you can choose to go with both of the platforms, however, for small and mid-scale businesses that just don’t make sense to invest so much at the start of the new venture. So if you are interested in knowing why to invest in Android application development keep reading. Welcome to the Phontinent technologies blog, today we are going to share with you the benefits of investing in android application development as well as how much it would cost you to develop your on-demand application.

Why choose the Android application development

We are going to discuss several reasons for you to understand why you should invest in Android application development for your business. 

  • Global reach for your business

Okay, time to be honest with each other. How much can your physical shop earn from your area’s customers? Even if you serve over 100 customers daily, the margins don’t come anywhere near when you compare them with the profit you can earn if you serve around 10,000 customers per day. When you invest in mobile application development for your business, you allow your business a chance to reach the whole globe. Now since your application is available on the Play Store, anyone can download it, check out your inventory, and make an order. Going with Android application development will ensure that you get a very much larger pool of possible customers across the globe. 

  • Create a brand value

When you start expanding your business on a global level, people need to start recognizing your brand from a sign or symbol. This is why your business needs to invest in mobile application development. People have started to recognize brands with their mobile applications like in the case of Uber or Amazon. 

  • Better customer services

Simply by investing in mobile application development you can provide better service directly to your customers. For example, if a customer needs to return the product they can do so by simply opening the application and clicking on the return order option. In another case, if your business does not have a mobile application then the customer would have to find your number, call you, mail you, or come to your store physically. Investing in mobile application development can be a great way to serve your customers with the best service. 

  • Google’s guidelines and submission barriers

You must know that Android is owned by Google itself. Google has low entry submission barriers for new application developers. This means, when you start publishing your application on the Play Store, it only takes a few hours to get approval. On the other hand, When you try to publish the application on the iOS platform, Apple sometimes takes a couple of weeks to publish the application. This is due to iOS strict submission policies which result in delay launch. 

  • Lesser investment

When it comes to iOS developer vs Android application developers, the difference in their rates is noticeable. For example, the average development cost of an Android developer is about $25 to $50 per hour in India whereas it is about $50 to $70 per hour for iOS development. On the other hand, publishing an application on both the Play Store and App Store needs a developer account. The developer account on the Play Store costs around $25 whereas the developer account on the App Store costs about $99. So if you want to enter the online market with minimum investment then going with Android application development would be a nicer idea. 

  • Easy up-gradation process

You have published your application on the Play Store but it has some bugs. What to do? Being an open-source operating system, Android applications have capabilities of adaptability. This means you can make modifications and update the application in a time of a couple of hours whereas the process of up-gradation can take you a couple of days with iOS apps. In addition to that, Android also allows developers to launch Alpha and Beta run which are like a testing application that allows users access to early features. Although these features might be unstable in which case, users can report the bugs directly to the developers for them to analyze and remove.

android application development

A steady source of income

Android and Google have allowed it’s developers various ways to earn revenue and turn them into a steady source of income.

  • Installing charges

This is one of the oldest revenue generation sources since the start of the Play Store. Developers can put a selling price on their app so whenever anyone wants to download the app, they will have to pay. In the past, this was one of the most used revenue generation methods. Although Google also takes it’s share but it’s way lesser than what Apple takes.

  • In-app purchase

In-app purchases allow users to pay for premium features in the app. In addition to that, users who want to access premium services or plans offered by developers can also use this feature to pay.

  • Advertisement

This is by far the most used revenue generation way. You can also earn money by allowing Google ad sense to show ads on your application. Every time an ad will show on your screen as well as when users click on it, you will get a small amount of money. This means the users your application has the more you will earn.

android application development

Cost of developing an on-demand android application

The development cost of any on-demand android application is dependent on a few factors. We are going to discuss a few of them here:

  • The geographical location of the developer

Hiring a developer from a developed country costs far more than hiring a developer with the same expertise and experience from a developing country. To understand it better, suppose you hire an android application developer from the USA, the developer will charge you around $200 to $250 development per hour. However, if you decided to go with a developer from India then it would cost you around $40 to $50 development per hour.

  • The total number of features and panels

Depending upon the total number of features and panels you want in your application the cost will change. The more extra and advanced features you want the more you will have to pay.

  • The total number of the supported platform

In case you want to invest in mobile application development and want your application to support both Android and iOS platforms. In such a case, you will have to pay for both iOS as well as Android application development separately. However, you can also go with hybrid application development but that has its own fair share of hurdles.

  • The complexity of the UI & UX

After features, the user interface is another thing that is important for the success of an app. Unless your application has the best UI & UX out of your competition, users won’t come to your platform. Investing in a high-quality, simple, and compelling user interface is important. 

Looking for an Android application development company?

Well now that you have read our blog on why to invest in Android application development, it’s time to ask you are you looking for a development company to help you build your dream into a reality. Phontinent Technologies offers one of the best development rates that you will find in the industry. However, development rates aren’t the only thing that we are offering, we have designers and developers with expertise in various fields which means you can ask us to add any feature and we won’t disappoint you. On the other hand, our experience with different types of on-demand applications over the period guarantees the quality of applications developed by us. So ‘Contact Us’ today to get to know the estimated cost of your on-demand application.

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Jayant Sharma
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