5 Key Aspects to Develop On-demand Packers and Movers App

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5 Key Aspects to Develop On-demand Packers and Movers App

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We live in a digitalized world where things change rapidly over time. Various industries such as education, healthcare, manufacturing, and much more are constantly working on integrating new technologies to gain more profits. The same can be said for the packers and movers industry as well. According to a recent survey, thousands of people migrate from one place to another in search of better job opportunities. In the last 3 years, almost 25 million people migrated to the US alone, which led to the tremendous growth of packers and mover’s industry. Due to this, the requirement for On-demand Packers and Movers App Development is growing continuously. Here are the things you need to know about the requirement of On-demand Packers and Movers App to grow your business. So what are we waiting for, let’s get started!

Some Important Stats of Packers and Movers App Development

  • Since 2009, the packers and movers industry has been growing at an average rate of 4% annually.
  • According to a research report, the industrial income from transporting used household and office products in the USA will reach around 17.5 billion USD by 2023.
  • The current market size of the global logistics industry is around 5.8 trillion euros.
  • According to reports, the total revenue of this industry is expected to be 28 billion USD by the end of this year.

Now that we know the scope of this industry, let us understand the working of packers and movers app.

How Does a Packers and Movers App Work?

The core elements of any packers and movers apps are the administrators, service providers, and users.

  • Initially all the users and service providers sign up for the app using their social account. After that, they create a profile of their businesses and fill all the required information.
  • This helps the customers view the profile of different service providers and choose a service accordingly. After the request by the customer has been sent, the service provider gets a notification on his/her app. Once the service provider accepts the customer’s request, the details of the project are shared on their profile accordingly.
  • After the project is completed, the customer can make payment through various methods on the app. They can also give a rating on the provider’s profile according to the service.

Types of Packers and Movers Mobile App

1. Aggregator Mobile App

These kinds of apps are meant for start-ups that don’t have their packing and moving business. Instead, they provide a common platform in which the users are easily able to communicate with different service providers and pay accordingly.

2. Dedicated Mobile Apps

Basically, these apps are an extension of your existing packers and movers business. It is suited for those people who already have a stable business in this field. By integrating an app with their business they can promote their services to a much larger customer base. This also becomes convenient for customers as they can request services via the app.

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Monetization methods of packers and Movers app

There are many methods through, which various packers and movers app generate revenue. Let us take a look at them:

1. Charging commission fees

In this method, the business owner charges particular fees for each order placed via the app. This is a common revenue source for businesses that have aggregator apps.

2. Business Listing 

This is one of the most popular revenue generation sources among business owners. In this, the app owner offers a top spot on their app’s homepage to other service providers in exchange for a fixed amount of money. Many service providers choose this method as the companies that are listed on top of the app receive maximum profit.

Team Required for Packers and Movers App Development

Developing packers and movers app is not easy as it requires proper planning and skilled developers. Hence, given below is the team required for packers and movers app Development:

  • Project Manager
  • Android/iOS developer
  • Front end developers
  • Back end developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • QA Testers

Key Aspects to develop a Packers and Movers App

Till now we have discussed the working model of the packers and movers app, the team required for app development, the financial model, and much more. The main question is – what technical approach should be taken for building an efficient packers and movers app? Hence given below are some of the key aspects to develop an efficient, user–friendly packers and mover’s app.

1. Design your ideas 

To develop a packers and movers app, the first step is to create your core objectives. Knowing the critical issues of your customers can help you prepare a strategy for it. Also having complete knowledge of your target audience can help you create a mobile app with key features and reorganize your mover and packers business.

2. Access the development platform

The next process is to analyze your application’s development platform. The choice of the best platform solely depends on the data collected in the previous step. Having a complete insight into customer’s requirements will help you understand their preferred platform. It is worth noting that various packing and moving companies choose app development to attract more customers.

3. Choosing the right features

This is one of the most important steps to ensure the success rate of your mobile app. Depending on the client’s requirement and business prototype; you will have to decide what key features must be integrated with the app to make it successful.

4. Hiring an Experienced App Development Company

The next step includes hiring an App Development Company which has large expertise in this field. The development team will analyze the project plan and develop an app according to your requirements.

5. Evaluate and Launch

The final process is to thoroughly check your app to ensure that it is suitable for the market. Automated testing tools are the best tools for competent testing. It not only provides the best methods for testing but also suggests the best techniques for removing any bugs in the app.


Above-mentioned are the various tips that help you in developing an efficient movers and packers app. In this tech-driven world where customers’ requirements change every moment, you will need a unique strategy that will help you in the long term basis. One way to ensure that your business is profitable is by getting a mobile app developed.

At Phontinent Technologies, We provide Packers and Movers App  Development solutions to our clients based in the USA, UAE, and India. We provide on-time delivery of projects at an affordable cost.

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